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Backflow Services in Raleigh, NC

Backflow occurs when your outgoing wastewater reverses direction and backs up into your clean water supply. This problem can lead to water damage and impact your health, which means prompt service is vital.

For 30 years, Raleigh Heating & Air has delivered unparalleled plumbing services in Raleigh, Durham, and surrounding areas. Our expert plumbers can handle all your plumbing needs, including backflow services.

Call 919-890-7789 today to request prompt service.

Signs You Need Backflow Services

Often, your plumbing system will display signs of an issue before it escalates. Contact Raleigh Heating & Air immediately if you notice:

  • Water that smells like eggs or sulfur
  • Bad-tasting water
  • Discolored water from your faucets
  • Sediments and grit in your water

If you suspect backflow issues, call 919-890-7789 before it gets worse.

Common Causes of Backflow Problems

For most homes, backflow trouble begins with a specific connection between potable and non-potable water lines. There are two primary causes of this issue:

  • Back pressure: When the pressure from your non-potable water source increases beyond the outgoing water pressure, wastewater is forced back into your home.
  • Back siphonage: This issue typically appears in tandem with a leak or nearby water main break. As your water pressure decreases, wastewater is sucked into your water supply.

Our Backflow Services

Our team has years of experience providing long-lasting solutions to even the most challenging plumbing problems. As the leading plumbers in Raleigh, you can count on us for reliable service. Our team is equipped for backflow testing, installation, repair, and more.

Don’t delay — call 919-890-7789 or contact us online to schedule backflow services in the Research Triangle area.

Why Choose Us? 

If you’re searching for plumbers in Raleigh, Durham, or nearby, look no further than Raleigh Heating & Air. We’ve proudly served home and business owners for 30 years. Our loyal customers choose us for our:

  • 24-hour emergency services
  • Courteous, expertly trained plumbers
  • Glowing reviews
  • Fast and local service
  • And more

Call 919-890-7789 or contact us online to schedule hassle-free service.

Backflow Plumbing FAQs

A backflow air gap is an open space between the two pipes that connect your plumbing system. This empty air gap will help maintain a consistent pressure to avoid backflow.

 A backflow preventer valve is a specialized connection installed along your plumbing system at a point where the risk of wastewater flowing back into your clean water supply is the highest.

Ready to schedule? Contact us online or call 919-890-7789 today to schedule backflow services.

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