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7 Essential Tips for Sparkling Clean Bathroom Drains

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Do you notice hair everywhere in your bathroom? If you aren’t taking precautions, that hair might be the reason your bath takes forever to drain. Or maybe your beloved bath bombs are to blame. Use these tips to keep your bathroom drains clean and clog-free. 

  1. Use Drain Screens

Protecting your bathroom drains with drain screens and hair catchers is the best way to prevent clogs. Use drain screens for your sinks, tubs, and showers to catch hair, soap scum, and other debris that can cause blockages. Clean screens regularly to ensure they remain effective.

  1. Keep Your Bathroom Drains Fresh 

If a drain smells funky, mix vinegar and baking soda in equal parts for a natural cleaning solution. Pour the mixture down the drain and let it fizz for about 15 minutes. Follow up with hot water to flush away the residue. This mixture will not unclog or clean your drain.

  1. Flush with Hot Water

Regularly flushing your drains with hot water can help dislodge buildup. Run hot water for a few minutes after using the sink, bath, or shower to remove any lingering debris. This simple practice can go a long way in maintaining clean and clear drains.

Remember to run the sink a bit after brushing your teeth, so you thoroughly rinse toothpaste down the drain.

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  1. Clean Your Bathrooms

Keeping a clean bathroom can make a world of difference, not only for your nose and eyes but also for your drains. Ideally, you should clean your bathroom every week to keep it clean from dust, soap scum, and other debris. 

  1. Don’t Overuse Bath Salts

Although bath bombs, oils, and salts are fun, make it a special spa night thing instead of using them daily.

Using a small amount of bath salts will make them last longer and allow them to dissolve fully. Partially dissolved bath bombs and salts can build up in your drain. Remember to put a drain screen before you drain the tub. 

  1. Don’t Flush Any Paper Products Down the Toilet Except Toilet Paper

Ensure you throw wipes, hygiene products, and paper towels away in the garbage, not the toilet. 

  1. Schedule Your Annual Plumbing Maintenance

Regularly maintaining your plumbing system can prevent clogs and other issues. Our plumbing maintenance program includes a plumbing inspection, a water heater flush, a water test, a 15% discount on repairs, priority scheduling, and more. Learn more about plumbing maintenance here.

We hope these tips keep your bathroom drains clog-free. While you can’t stop hair from being everywhere, you can stop it from going down the drain with a simple drain screen. If you are experiencing any plumbing issues, our plumbers are here to help. They are even equipped with drain video cams to help you find the cause of a particularly stubborn clog.

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