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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Raleigh, NC

The only way to protect your system from premature breakdown is through annual AC maintenance. At Raleigh Heating & Air, our team offers the comprehensive air conditioning tune-ups that Raleigh families need to enjoy increased system reliability and home comfort throughout the warmer season. We have proudly served the Raleigh region for 30 years, delivering the top-quality AC services families trust.

If you’re seeking air conditioning maintenance for your Raleigh home, look no further than Raleigh Heating & Air for the superior service you deserve. Call 919-890-7789 to schedule AC maintenance today!  

Benefits of Annual AC Maintenance in Raleigh

Air conditioning maintenance is a critical part of cooling system ownership. In many cases, AC maintenance is required for homeowners to protect their manufacturer’s warranty. Otherwise, they’ll be stuck paying for repairs or replacements that would have been covered. Along with preserving your manufacturer warranty, routine AC maintenance also offers the following benefits:

  • Increased Life Span: With proper system maintenance, your air conditioner can last up to 15 years or longer, allowing you to get the most out of your cooling system investment.
  • Improved Reliability: Our comprehensive AC tune-ups cover every aspect of your system to catch imminent repair needs early so you can enjoy improved reliability and reduced repair requests.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: During your air conditioning maintenance appointment, your technician should optimize your system components for improved energy efficiency and decreased cooling costs throughout the warmer season.

Reap the benefits of annual air conditioning maintenance by scheduling AC maintenance with Raleigh Heating & Air today!

Our Air Conditioning Maintenance Services in Raleigh, NC

For 30 years, Raleigh Heating & Air has proudly delivered the most comprehensive air conditioning tune-ups available to local families. During your air conditioning maintenance appointment, our team will:

  • Inspect and clean your condenser and evaporator coils
  • Check and refill refrigerant as needed
  • Tighten loose electrical connections
  • Clean the condensate pan and drain
  • Clean and lubricate fan and compressor motors
  • Ensure proper thermostat functionality
  • Replace and clean air filters as needed

Don’t let your air conditioning maintenance needs go ignored: Schedule your annual AC tune-up by calling 919-890-7789 today!

Join Our Comfort Club

Raleigh Heating & Air makes managing your home comfort needs easy through our exclusive Comfort Club program. This HVAC maintenance program is specifically designed to help homeowners stay up to date with their system tune-ups while enjoying savings for their heating and cooling service needs. By joining our Comfort Club, you’ll enjoy:

  • Two precision cleaning visits per year — one for AC and one for heating
  • Discounted service call fees
  • 15% discount on AC repairs
  • Priority service
  • No overtime fees
  • And much more!

Join the Comfort Club and take the guesswork out of your AC maintenance by calling 919-890-7789 today!

Why Choose Raleigh Heating & Air for AC Maintenance?

Since 1992, Raleigh Heating & Air has proudly served as Raleigh’s preferred cooling specialists. We treat our customers with the same respect and courtesy that we would give our own family members. When clients come to our team for annual AC maintenance, they know they can rely on us for:

  • 24-hour service
  • Fast, local, expertly trained technicians
  • Top-quality products from the industry’s most trusted brand names
  • Fair, honest pricing
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Don’t leave your home comfort needs in the wrong hands: Call 919-890-7789 to schedule air conditioning maintenance with Raleigh Heating & Air today!

Air Conditioning Maintenance FAQs

Absolutely! An air conditioning tune-up helps strengthen your system so that it’s capable of satisfying your comfort demands during the hottest days of the season. By keeping up with annual AC maintenance, you’ll enjoy a longer system life span, reduced cooling expenses, improved energy efficiency, increased overall comfort, and decreased repair requests. If it’s been longer than one year since your last AC tune-up, don’t hesitate to schedule service online with Raleigh Heating & Air today.

You should clean or change your air conditioner filter at least once every 90 days. If you live with pets or particularly vulnerable family members — such as infants or elderly relatives — you may need to change or clean your filter more often to prevent respiratory irritation and allergies.

Cleaning the coils on your air conditioner is a job that should be left to the professionals, as doing so without the proper tools or training could result in personal injury. If you suspect that your condenser or evaporator coils may be dirty or clogged, contact your trusted HVAC technicians at Raleigh Heating & Air to have them address the problem.

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