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Maintenance Program

Raleigh Heating and Air Comfort Club

One of the best ways to make sure that your heating and air conditioning systems work well is to get them regularly inspected by a professional contractor. Regular heating and AC maintenance might be able to reduce the need for repairs, improve efficiency, and extend the life of your equipment.

The Raleigh Heating & Air Comfort Club is a comprehensive maintenance program for our customers in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Cary, greater Wake County, and the surrounding areas. When you join the Comfort Club you get access to unique guarantees and warranties, services and privileges that aren’t available to our other customers.

Comfort Club Benefits

Comfort Club Plan

  • Two precision cleaning visits per year: one for heating and one for cooling
  • Discounted service call fee
  • 15% discount on repairs
  • 15% discount on indoor air quality
  • Extended life of system
  • Lower utility bills
  • Indoor air quality checkup
  • Priority service
  • Clean indoor coil if accessible
  • No overtime fees
  • Parts warranty (2 years)*

Join Now

Comfort Club Two-Year Parts Guarantee

When the technicians from Raleigh Heating and Air visit your home to provide air conditioning and heating repairs their goal is to provide you with top quality services. We’re so confident in our repairs that we offer a two-year parts guarantee to our Comfort Club members.

We can offer this longer warranty because we know that our repairs will last longer when you get annual maintenance from our award-winning service department.

FAQs About Our Maintenance Program

What services are included?

We perform a wide range of maintenance services that will improve the indoor air quality within your home as well as the reliability of your air conditioning and heating systems. Our services include lubricating components, testing components for function, inspecting for signs of wear and tear, and more. We will adjust components that are required and recommended preventative replacements when we detect components that are worn out and nearing failure.

Is regular maintenance worth the investment?

Absolutely. Not only will you save money on your monthly utility bills, but you will also save when it comes to long-term repair and replacement costs. Equally as important regular maintenance helps ensure that you don’t suffer a sudden and unexpected failure of your heating or cooling systems. You’ll also enjoy improved indoor air quality.

Do Raleigh Heating & Air services comply with the manufacturer’s warranty requirements?

We work hard to ensure our services maintain your system in accordance with manufacturer specifications. We provide thorough documentation of the work performed, the components used, and the cause of any failures we respond to.

Is once per year sufficient for maintenance?

One maintenance visit per year is usually sufficient for most heating and air conditioning systems. However, if you have an older unit or a unit with a known history of problems, you may want to schedule two or more appointments per year.

Can’t I do the maintenance myself?

While basic tasks such as cleaning or changing filters can be done with ease, it is not advisable to perform other maintenance tasks without the proper training and tools. It is all too easy to miss problems, misidentify problems, or cause damage while you are inspecting the furnace, boiler, air conditioner, etc.

Contact Raleigh Heating & Air Today

We are proud to provide top-quality heating and air conditioning repairs and maintenance throughout the Raleigh, NC area. We know how important your home’s comfort is to you which is why we work so hard to exceed your expectations and our own high standards.

To learn more about the Raleigh Heating & Air Comfort Club or ask any questions about our warranties and guarantees, call us at 919-890-7789.

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