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A reliable heating system is vital to keeping your home comfortable during the chilly Raleigh winters, which is why maintaining it is critical. With so many connections and moving parts, your heater experiences wear and tear every time it runs. Without routine care, your system will work overtime to heat your home, leading to frequent breakdowns.

Depend on Raleigh Heating & Air to keep your equipment running in top shape, maximize its life span, and even help lower your utility bills. Whether you have a furnace, ductless system, or heat pump, our comprehensive heating system maintenance ensures you’ll have reliable heat throughout winter.

Contact us online or call (919) 890-7789 to schedule maintenance for your furnace, heat pump, or another heating system.

When Should Heating Maintenance Be Done?

Your heating system needs professional maintenance once a year, specifically at the beginning of fall. However, if you have a heat pump, you’ll need to schedule professional care every six months. This schedule ensures your heat pump will provide reliable heating and cooling year-round.

Raleigh Heating & Air makes managing your system’s care simple. Sign up for our Comfort Club to receive exclusive offerings, discounts, and more. As a member, you can relax while we handle your annual or biannual HVAC tune-ups.

Prepare your heater for winter by requesting service online or calling (919) 890-7789.

Need Help? Let The Experts Handle it!

What Happens During a Heating Tune-Up?

When you contact Raleigh Heating & Air for your heating system tune-up, we’ll send an HVAC technician to your home to:

  • Thoroughly inspect heating components
  • Check for problems that could cause inefficiency
  • Ensure the system is working effectively
  • Check all connections and tighten them as needed
  • Clean filter
  • Address any pending repairs

Raleigh Heating & Air wants to help you get the most out of your heating system. Contact us today to schedule your maintenance appointment.

Preventative Maintenance Tips

There are steps homeowners can take to keep their heating system in good shape between maintenance checks. We recommend:

  • Cleaning or changing air filters every one to three months: A clogged filter can cause your furnace or heat pump to work harder, which can cause premature breakdowns. It also leads to higher energy costs, so staying on top of this task will save you money.
  • Clearing the clutter: Keep the area around your heating system dusted and free of debris or storage items, so it has plenty of airflow and is easily accessible.
  • Watching for leaks: A leakage could cause the system to malfunction, so keep an eye out for any signs of a problem.
  • Optimizing your thermostat: Regularly check and replace thermostat batteries as needed. If you have a programmable thermostat, set it to keep temperatures reasonable throughout the day, so you aren’t overworking the system or raising energy bills.
  • Signing up for a maintenance plan: Let Raleigh Heating & Air keep your system in excellent condition — sign up for our Comfort Club today. 

Call (919) 890-7789 to speak with our friendly staff about heating maintenance for your Raleigh home. 

Why Choose Us for Heating Maintenance?

You need a company you can count on to keep your heating system well-maintained. That company is Raleigh Heating & Air. For 30 years, we have provided quality service to our customers in the greater Raleigh area with professional attention and knowledgeable HVAC professionals.

We have NATE-certified technicians who are ready to inspect and fine-tune your systems. You can also count on:

  • Fair pricing
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Extensive training and qualifications
  • Professional service

Call (919) 890-7789 or contact Raleigh Heating & Air online for more about our maintenance services. 


Is having the heat turned high bad for my furnace?

While it’s not necessarily bad, setting a high temperature or constantly running the heater will cause it to work harder and decrease efficiency. You should also expect higher utility bills under these conditions. A technician can evaluate the wear and tear on your furnace during a maintenance check.

Should heating systems be turned off in the summer?

A gas furnace can be turned off in the summer by switching to cool settings on your thermostat. Some boiler systems may also have a setting that can be changed in the summer. Remember, you should never turn the pilot off on your heating system! Doing so will not decrease energy use or save you money.

How can I save money on my heating bill?

Staying up-to-date on your annual heating maintenance is the best way to keep your heating system running efficiently and therefore keep your energy bills lower. Keeping your filters clean and changed regularly can also help.

If your bills are high and your system is over 10 years old, ask your HVAC technician if it’s time to upgrade.

Calender Trust The process! If you’re experiencing issues with your home we make it easy to schedule online!
Trust The process! If you’re experiencing issues with your home we make it easy to schedule online!
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