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HVAC Services in Raleigh, NC

Do you need professional attention for your heating or cooling systems, or is it time to have new heating and cooling installed? It can be a daunting prospect if you’ve never needed to pay any attention to your HVAC systems before: figuring out what warrants professional attention, who you should hire, what to expect, and so on.

Raleigh Heating & Air works to make every step of the process just a little bit easier on our customers than it might be with another team. We cover a full array of heating and cooling technologies, with a full suite of upkeep and installation services to keep your home healthy, efficient, and comfortable.

Contact Raleigh Heating & Air today to schedule service or inquire further. You can reach us online or by dialing 919-635-8451.

HVAC Systems We Service

Raleigh Heating & Air handles most common or increasingly popular HVAC systems in use in the area. We can service systems from most manufacturers of these types:

  • Furnaces. Whether your system is combustion-based or fully electric, we’re ready.
  • Air conditioners. We’ll have your home cool and your air non-humid in no time.
  • Heat pumps. Want to experience amazing efficiency, hot or cold? Heat pumps are a great choice.
  • Packaged units. Don’t have room to install a furnace and an air conditioner indoors? Packaged units are an excellent space saver.
  • Geothermal systems. By using heat pump technology and the consistent temperature of the ground, you can have high-efficiency heating and cooling that never fails.

If you need service for any of these systems, contact us today. You can schedule service online or by calling us at 919-635-8451.

HVAC Services We Offer

Raleigh Heating & Air offers a full range of services for our customers.

  • Repair. We offer standard scheduling and emergency service as needed.
  • Installation. Old unit not cutting it anymore? New construction? We’ll help you figure out the best fit or fits for your home.
  • Maintenance. Regular maintenance is crucial if you want to avoid repairs or replacements for as long as possible. You’ll also improve energy efficiency and identify problems while they’re still small and inexpensive to fix.
  • Indoor Air Quality Management. Indoor air quality affects your health and the longevity of every mechanical or electronic device in your home. We’ll help you keep the air the way it ought to be. 

Troubleshooting and Signs You Need a Professional

If you’re not sure you need a professional, make sure to do some basic troubleshooting first. You can always call our team once you’ve double-checked the basics.

  • Check power and fuel sources. Make sure breakers haven’t flipped, cords haven’t come unplugged, etc. If it happens multiple times, you’ll need professional help anyway.
  • Check for blockages and leaks. Make sure your air filter isn’t filthy and clogged and that there’s nothing blocking air from flowing through your vents (or making it leak out before its destination. Air filters you can probably handle; leaks or blockages deeper in your system need a pro.
  • Check the pilot light. If your furnace isn’t turning on, the pilot may be out. Relight it according to manufacturer instructions. If it goes out repeatedly, call a professional to be safe.
  • Pay attention for strange smells or sounds. HVAC systems aren’t supposed to be stinky or particularly noisy — and new sounds usually warrant contacting professionals.

If something seems wrong beyond what you can handle, contact Raleigh Heating & Air today to schedule a visit. Dial 919-635-8451 or contact us online.

Why Choose Raleigh Heating & Air?

Raleigh Heating & Air brings 20 years of award-winning service to its customers’ aid every day. Our field technicians and the customer service support staff backing them make it a priority to make your life easier, to get the job done right the first time, and to leave nothing important unclear or unexplained.

Ready to experience top of the line service for yourself? Dial 919-635-8451 or message us online to schedule a visit from one of our fine technicians.

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