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Ductless Split Air Conditioning and Heating in Raleigh

If you’re in the market for a new heating or air conditioning system, consider a ductless split system. Ductless split air conditioners, also called mini-splits, can be a great alternative to conventional central air systems, offering many of the same features but with added benefits. The heating and cooling technicians at Raleigh Heating & Air are certified to install, maintain, and repair ductless split systems of all types and sizes. Call us if you have any questions about this home heating and cooling option.

What Is a Ductless Split System?

Ductless split systems are popular in multifamily homes and commercial buildings, but lately, they have become increasingly common in single-family homes. Similar to central heating and cooling systems, ductless split systems have an outdoor compressor component and multiple indoor air handling units. The simple conduit, containing refrigerant and electrical lines, connects the indoor and outdoor components. This design makes installation fast, affordable, and convenient. All that is needed is a 3-inch hole drilled in your wall to connect the components. Because there’s no need for ductwork, the indoor air handling units create zone control heating and cooling and prevent air loss through ductwork.

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Benefits of a Ductless Split System

There are many benefits to a ductless split system. The installation process is relatively simple, and they are easy to maintain. If you are looking for a professional heating and air conditioning company to install one of these systems, call Raleigh Heating & Air. We can help you decide whether going ductless is right for you. For instance, if your home cannot accommodate ductwork, a ductless system will allow you to enjoy the comfort of a central system with an efficient alternative.

With the use of multiple thermostats, ductless split systems also make creating individually controlled temperature zones simple. This is a great way to keep everyone in the house happy while also boosting your energy efficiency. Zoning allows you to heat or cool only those rooms you want to the desired degree. Call Raleigh Heating & Air to learn more about the benefits of a ductless split system.

When To Repair (or Replace!) Your Ductless Mini-Split

Your ductless mini-split will provide you with years of reliable comfort. As with all mechanical systems, components will eventually fail, parts will malfunction, and reliability will decrease. However, it is not always easy to determine whether you should repair or replace your system. Our HVAC professionals can help you with this decision based on our expert knowledge and experience. 

You should repair your system if:

  • It is a newer model
  • It is still under warranty
  • It only has a minor, inexpensive issue

Most ductless mini-splits will provide reliable operation for between 10 to 15 years, but getting 15 to 20 years of operation out of a unit is not uncommon. If your system is at the lower end of those ranges, repairing it can be a cost-effective alternative to replacement.

Conversely, there are situations in which we recommend replacement over repair, such as :

  • If your model is 10+ years old
  • The frequency and cost of repairs is increasing
  • It no longer offers the best energy efficiency on the market
  • A single repair exceeds more than 50% of your system’s replacement cost

Often, costly repairs can indicate serious faults with a system, and it is quite possible that repairing it today won’t prevent a new problem tomorrow.

Do you have questions about ductless mini-split systems in North Carolina? Contact the HVAC experts at Raleigh Heating & Air by calling (919) 890-7789, and we will do our best to give you the answers you need to ensure your comfort throughout the year. 

Call the Ductless Split Experts at Raleigh Heating & Air

Before deciding if a ductless heating and cooling system installation is right for your home and comfort needs, call the professionals at Raleigh Heating & Air. If you choose to take on a ductless split system installation, we’ll make sure that the entire project is done correctly from the start. We even offer a unique maintenance program to ensure we exceed your expectations and our high standards. Our professional maintenance and repair services will keep your ductless split system operating correctly throughout its life span, so call today to get started. We service Raleigh, Wake Forest, Cary, greater Wake County, and the surrounding areas. We also offer additional HVAC-related services, including but not limited to geothermal systems, packaged units, and heat pumps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a Ductless HVAC System Work?

A ductless AC or ductless mini-split works similarly to central air conditioners: It absorbs the heat and moisture from the warm air in your home before it transfers the heat and humidity outside. Because these units are designed to cool an individual room, they can be highly efficient if you use one part of your home more than the rest. Ductless AC units use three components:
1. The evaporator unit circulates the air in the room being cooled.
2. The conduit connects the indoor unit to the outdoor unit.
3. The condenser sits outside of the house and transfers heat outside. With just these three parts, ductless AC units can cool individual rooms without any ductwork like central air conditioning.

How Efficient Are Ductless AC Systems?

Think of a ductless AC as the more nimble brother to central air. Because ductless AC systems can cool a single room at a time, they are impressively efficient and can target areas of your home that are harder to cool, like new home additions, or even just the rooms where you want more cooling, like a home gym.

Is A Mini-Split System Worth It?

That depends on your circumstances. Ductless mini-splits are typically much more efficient than other methods of heating and cooling, and they save you the cost of having to install ductwork. They can have a higher upfront cost, so consult with an HVAC professional to determine if the many benefits outweigh the expense.

To learn more about whether a ductless mini-split system is right for your Raleigh-area home, call (919) 890-7789 to schedule a consultation!

Calender Trust The process! If you’re experiencing issues with your home we make it easy to schedule online!
Trust The process! If you’re experiencing issues with your home we make it easy to schedule online!
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