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Tax Credits


Look familiar? For those of us in the heating and air industry & any other industry that offers high efficiency products and services, this is what the last few months in 2010 felt like.

With the expiration of the $1500 federal tax credit for high efficiency heating and air systems looming at year’s end, our days at work were a mad rush. IT WAS FUN and a little crazy. Right up to the last minute of 2010 we worked tirelessly to get as many high efficiency systems installed as the time would allow. Most made it on time to take advantage of the credit, but the folks that waited just a day or 2 too many, sadly did not. 2011 did offer a $500 consolation prize but, well, $500 is not $1500.

If the heating and air system in your home is approaching the end of its lifecycle or if you are just looking to save some money on your utility bills and make a significant impact on the environment there are still tax credits available – and they are huge! In North Carolina, new qualifying geothermal heat pump systems come with Federal & State tax credits that can be up to 65% of your installation cost. Most of the utility companies also offer significant rebates for geothermal installations.

The design and installation of a geothermal heating and air system does take longer than that of a conventional system so waiting until the 11th hour for your install is certainly not advised. Right now, you have time to do your research, talk to one of our consultants to find the right system, the right location to install your loop field, and if necessary, the right financing option for you.

Although the running of the bulls may be scary and exciting, that might not be the way you want to arrange the installation of the system that is going to bring comfort into your home for many years to come. Or maybe it is, if that’s the case – call us and we will have fun running with you.

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