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DIY Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Thursday, April 16th, 2020

daffodilsIt may seem like our world has turned upside down and making any kind of plans is an exercise in futility but there’s one thing we can all say with certainty… Summer is coming!

To help prepare, we’ve put together a list of 10 things you can do around the house to get ready for the hot summer months ahead:

  • Inspect, clean, and repair screens on doors and windows.
  • Tighten and lubricate door hinges.
  • Check the caulking and weather stripping around doors and windows.
  • Replace cracked or old garden hoses.
  • Dust ceiling fan blades and set them to turn counterclockwise.
  • Make sure sun-facing windows have proper coverage throughout the day to keep from introducing extra heat into your home.
  • Remove logs and clean out the fireplace.
  • Test the emergency systems in your home: smoke alarms, CO detectors & fire extinguishers.
  • As always, check your air filters. If you can’t see light through them, it’s time to replace them.
  • Schedule your AC tune-up.

Completing this list now will help you save some money on your utility bills and keep your home cool and comfortable this summer.

Did you know – we now offer a totally hassle-free heating and cooling system? That’s right! We will replace your old equipment with a new high efficiency system that will save you money on your utility bills. Additionally, we will handle all maintenance and repairs – so you don’t have to worry about a random bill surfacing at the most inconvenient time! Want to learn more – visit our Ease Comfort Progam page for more information!


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Thermostat Special

Monday, April 29th, 2013

The Raleigh area has finally kicked off the spring season and it’s been a fun ride so far!

Here at Raleigh Heating & Air we are always on the lookout for ways to make your home or office space more comfortable. We want to shine the spotlight on a great product with a special promotion going on this spring.


The Ecobee Thermostat is amazing for customizable, accessible and smart home temperature control. If you have a vacation home or rental property, travel often, want to monitor the energy usage of your heating and air system, get a kick out of detailed graphs and reports or just plain love geeky gadgets this is the thermostat for you.  The Ecobee thermostat is Internet enabled through wi-fi so you can monitor and adjust your system from anywhere. Included with the thermostat you will receive your very own personal web portal which will allow you to set up alerts and service reminders, customize the settings and programming on your thermostat and monitor system performance with a crazy-extensive matrix that updates about every 5 minutes. There is also a free download-able app so you can access your system from anywhere, at anytime.

We also love that you can wake up in the morning, walk down the hall and see the temperature and weather displayed right there on your thermostat.

If you are worried about aesthetics and concerned that maybe the new thermostat will not look right on your walls, Ecobee has covered that base too – with flying colors and patterns and well, just about anything you could possibly think of. Gela Skins are interchangeable, protective and scratch-resistant.

304_TetianaKartasheva_Peacock_175-white                       accessories-gelaskin                   304_LeonidAfremov_AlleyByTheLake_175-white

This spring Raleigh Heating & Air has a special promotion on the Ecobee Smart SI thermostat. Give us a call if you have any questions or to schedule an installation.


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Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

2012 was another great year!

All of us at Raleigh Heating & Air send out a most heartfelt thanks, to you, our amazing clients. We thank you for giving us the privilege of taking care of your comfort needs. Thank you for calling us to service & maintain your existing furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioning units. Thank you for allowing us to install new units in your home when the time comes to replace your systems. Thank you for turning to us for the latest technology in indoor air quality. Thank you for seeking out the most energy efficient and environmentally conscious products available. We have a passion for what we do and we thank you for giving us a purpose to that passion.

In 2013 we are excited about upcoming advancements in home comfort technology. As we have done for the last 20+ years, we will continue to provide the best products and make them available to you first. We are grateful to be the company you can turn to for all of your heating, air conditioning & indoor air quality needs.

We hope the new year brings you joy, hope, peace and comfort!

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Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

We are excited to announce the addition of our new Geothermal department!

Chris Morrissey joined the Raleigh Heating & Air team in November and will be heading up our new Geothermal department. He brings with him over 16 years of experience in all aspects of the heating and air industry and a focused passion for geothermal technology.

Chris was IGSPA trained and certified in 2009 and has since installed over 40 systems. With expert knowledge in pool heating, domestic hot water consumption, water to water loops (radiant floor heat), and water to air whole home geothermal heat pumps his team is certain to design and install the optimum system for your needs.

Chris says, “We are here to offer the complete package for your geothermal installation with a specially trained team.”

In their first month, the Geothermal department has really hit the ground running with a team in place and 5 installations in the works.

Coming soon will be an upgrade to the Geothermal information on our website as well as plans for an open house and trade shows. Chris is making it his mission to educate the public on the many different options available to maximize indoor comfort while minimizing energy consumption with geothermal technology.

With the federal and state tax credits available in our area, now is the perfect time to move forward with energy efficient, money saving geothermal systems. We are excited to have Chris here at Raleigh Heating & Air leading that charge.

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Raleigh Heating & Air News

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Because shiny things should always come first:

Raleigh Heating & Air now offers “BLING” in the form of antimicrobial ductwork. As our homes become tighter to improve energy efficiency they also become more susceptible to microbiological contamination. This ductwork has a coating which will inhibit the growth of bacteria, molds, fungi, and other microbes. Yet another step we are taking to improve air quality in your homes.

While we are on the subject of ductwork, Dale in our metal shop has a new plasma cutting machine. He will be precisely fabricating ductwork even faster than ever.





We have added a few new faces to our family since the last company photo was taken:


A beautiful bunch of super-talented individuals!

Raleigh Heating & Air has recently teamed up with the Holt Foundation. They are doing great work with anyone affected by cancer, whether personally or loved one, to ensure that you have a support system. Through the Holt Foundation, no one person feels like they have to go through it alone. Go to www.holtfoundation.com for more information.

We are very excited about a new Geothermal Division of Raleigh Heating & Air coming next month. Visit our Facebook page for the latest updates www.facebook.com/raleighheatingandair

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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

Who doesn’t love fall? Crisp cool weather, beautifully rich colors everywhere and the holidays on the horizon all work together to make us feel just a little more alive. While we are enjoying this fantastic time of the year, there are a few chores that should be done to prepare our homes for the winter months ahead.


  • Drain & store garden hoses
  • Check the caulk around your doors and windows
  • Inspect external door and the garage door to make sure they close tightly
  • Install weather stripping at thresholds where needed
  • Check and clean gutters and downspouts
  • Have chimneys and flues inspected and cleaned
  • Clean and store patio furniture


  • Check dryer exhaust and vent for build-up, lint or unwanted visitors
  • Stock up on filters for the winter for maximum energy efficiency and indoor comfort
  • Replace light window coverings with heavier ones
  • Test smoke and CO monitors
  • Inspect and clean your humidifier
  • Schedule the professional maintenance inspection and cleaning on your heating system.

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Tax Credits

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Look familiar? For those of us in the heating and air industry & any other industry that offers high efficiency products and services, this is what the last few months in 2010 felt like.

With the expiration of the $1500 federal tax credit for high efficiency heating and air systems looming at year’s end, our days at work were a mad rush. IT WAS FUN and a little crazy. Right up to the last minute of 2010 we worked tirelessly to get as many high efficiency systems installed as the time would allow. Most made it on time to take advantage of the credit, but the folks that waited just a day or 2 too many, sadly did not. 2011 did offer a $500 consolation prize but, well, $500 is not $1500.

If the heating and air system in your home is approaching the end of its lifecycle or if you are just looking to save some money on your utility bills and make a significant impact on the environment there are still tax credits available – and they are huge! In North Carolina, new qualifying geothermal heat pump systems come with Federal & State tax credits that can be up to 65% of your installation cost. Most of the utility companies also offer significant rebates for geothermal installations.

The design and installation of a geothermal heating and air system does take longer than that of a conventional system so waiting until the 11th hour for your install is certainly not advised. Right now, you have time to do your research, talk to one of our consultants to find the right system, the right location to install your loop field, and if necessary, the right financing option for you.

Although the running of the bulls may be scary and exciting, that might not be the way you want to arrange the installation of the system that is going to bring comfort into your home for many years to come. Or maybe it is, if that’s the case – call us and we will have fun running with you.

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Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

A few things that we are hearing with increased frequency:

“The company that installed our system last year is out of business”

“My normal service technician is not answering his phone”

“The neighbor’s brother’s best friend that fixed our system last week moved out of town”

The HVACR contractor’s weekly news magazine printed an article that stated an estimated 600,000 businesses start up each year and the majority of them go out of business within the first 5 years.

During uncertain times no one is immune but there are certainly a few things to look out for when you are choosing a Heating and Air service provider:

1) Are they licensed to do business in the state where you live?

2) Are they insured? For most of us, the home is our single largest investment and we want to make sure that if something goes wrong (reference picture above) that they are insured and can make the situation right.

3) Are the installers and service technicians properly trained and certified?

4) Check the history; how long have they been in business? Are they local owned? How many employees do they have?

5) Read the reviews. For those of us that read reviews often and for just about everything, we know that there will almost always be a bad review here and there but in most cases look for what the majority have to say.

Ultimately everyone should have a company that they can rely on to be there tomorrow and stand by their work when it’s completed. If you are in the Wake County area call Raleigh Heating and Air. We will be delighted to talk to you and answer any questions you may have while you are thoughtfully choosing the right company to service and install your heating and air systems.

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Geo Farm

Friday, June 29th, 2012

In the midst of stifling triple digit temperatures, now seemed like a great time to reflect on a perfect 75 degree April day on a beautiful country farm in Virginia.

Climate Master and Virginia Air hosted the First Annual Mid-Atlantic Geo Farm.

Trey, the every-so-kind and super speedy chauffeur typed “the middle of nowhere” into his GPS and we were off.

Once we arrived they supplied us with an agenda and ample training materials.

We were escorted around the farm, (yes, it’s a hayride) to 5 informational tents set up around the various geothermal installations.


It was quite an experience to see all of the different geothermal applications installed and in use. We were even able to watch them drop a pond loop.


This farm is a mecca of energy efficient green technology. We want to thank Dennis Dzendzel and his family for opening up their home and beautiful farm land to allow us the opportunity to see some of the many different ways we can put this incredible technology to use.

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Asthma Awareness

Monday, May 28th, 2012

May is National Asthma Awareness Month.

32.6 million people in the Unites States –  more than 1 in 10 have had asthma at some point in their lives. 12.2 million Americans had an asthma attack last year.

If you or anyone you know has had asthma, you are aware of how many potential triggers there can be in the home and office.  Since most of us spend at least 80% of our time indoors we need to keep our environment inside clean and conditioned. Some of the more obvious ways to control the air inside; if you are going to smoke, do so outdoors and away from doors or windows. Vacuum and dust your space regularly. Use low-scent natural cleaners instead of those with harsh chemicals and odors.

A few other options to consider would be; replacing your old fiberglass insulation with a solid low-dust variety. Keeping your heating and air conditioning systems professionally cleaned and maintained. Having your old ductwork replaced or sealed will also improve the air quality and energy efficiency of your system. If you have Progress Energy they offer a rebate on duct sealing and replacement.

Especially in our hot and humid southern region you will want to do everything possible to control excess moisture in your home. This can be done by cleaning up spills immediately, using the exhaust fans in the bathroom for 15-30 minutes after you shower as well as in the kitchen while you are cooking. If you are in the Triangle area Livegreen, Inc. can seal and/or condition your crawlspace which is very effective in reducing the overall moisture in your home.

We offer a wide variety of products designed to filter and clean the air in your home; from Ultra Violet Germicidal lights to Media Air Cleaners and whole house Air Purification Systems. If you or a family member suffer from Asthma, or would just like to breathe easier inside your home or office we can find the option that will work best for your space and your budget.

We found the following sites to be helpful resources:

http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/pubs/425.html This page is full of information on potential biological pollutants inside your home.

http://airnow.gov Will give you the local air quality conditions and forecast.

http://www.dsireusa.org/incentives/index.cfm?getRE=1?re=undefined&ee=1&spv=0&st=0&srp=1&state=NC for information on local tax credits and rebates

http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/pubs/450.html The CPSC and EPA guide to indoor air quality.


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