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Heating FAQ: What is Blower Door Testing

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a blower door test for your Raleigh, NC home, call Raleigh Heating & Air. Our home energy experts can perform an audit and provide you with advice on areas that need improvement before installing a new high-efficiency heating system. You should always upgrade other areas of your home that need improvements before upgrading or retrofitting your heating system.

A blower door test will determine whether or not your home needs better sealing or more insulation and where. If you upgrade to a high-efficiency heating system without taking care of these issues first, you won’t get the most energy savings from your new system. A blower door test is fairly simply. We attach a large fan to a door leading to the outside. We then close all windows and inside doors. The fan changes the pressure in the house so that we can locate air leaks. This process should not take too long if you help prepare your home for the test.

Once we determine which areas have air leaks, if any, we can help you prioritize your heating needs. Whether that’s adding insulation in your attic or replacing your ductwork, we will help you out with all your upgrades. Keep in mind that updating your heating system and other places in your home will also add value to the home, so it will pay off in that and energy savings in the long run.

Call us if you have further questions or would like to schedule a blower door test for your Raleigh, NC home. Raleigh Heating & Air can handle all your heating and home energy needs!

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