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What’s the Point of Blower Door Testing?

Among the many home comfort and performance services that we offer is blower door testing. You may not realize the benefits of blower door testing and wonder if there’s any point in arranging it for your home. The truth is that almost any home can benefit from this service: it’s an excellent way to discover where you can improve your home to boost energy savings 12 months of the year.

How Blower Door Testing Works

A blower door is a device that’s designed to seal completely over the open frame of a door. The blower door contains a powerful fan and a pressure measuring apparatus called a manometer. The blower door is attached to the front door of a home, and all other windows and doors are closed off to effectively seal the house. The fan turns on to lower the air pressure inside the house. This creates a vacuum that draws in outside air through any cracks or leaks in the home’s envelope. This allows technicians to locate areas where the house can gain or lose heat, often using smoke pencils.

The Results of a Blower Door Test

When you arrange for a blower door test, the technicians will provide you with a complete report afterwards. This report identifies places where your home can lose energy, such as gaps in insulation or windows that have cracks around their edges. The report will tell you how you can best improve the energy envelope on your home to reduce drafts and make your HVAC system an energy saver.

Blower door testing is only one part of improving your home’s performance. We also offer duct sealing and duct replacement that will increase the energy efficiency of your house. Contact us today to find out what services we can provide your home that will lower your energy bills around the year.

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