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Why You Need Regular Air Duct Cleaning

Your air ducts play an important role in your air conditioning system, but because they are hidden behind walls and are basically soundless, they can be easy to ignore. While ductwork does not require bi-annual maintenance like the rest of your air conditioning system, it still needs cleaning and maintenance every 3-5 years. However, your air duct cleaning service in Cary, NC shouldn’t be scheduled with just anyone; choose professionally-trained ductwork experts like the ones at Raleigh Heating & Air.

Why Schedule Air Duct Cleaning?

There are two important reasons to schedule an air duct cleaning:

  • Improve indoor air quality – dust, dirt, allergens and many other particles can collect in your ductwork. These then get delivered directly into your air stream and home. Duct cleaning helps to clear these particles and reduce their presence in your home.
  • Better energy efficiency – dust and dirt build-up can constrict the air flow in your system. A decrease in air flow can cause your AC to strain when operating. By removing the excess dust and dirt, your air conditioner can run more efficiently.

What Equipment Is Used During an Air Duct Cleaning?

One of the reasons it’s important to hire professionals to clean your ducts is the equipment needed. Professional duct cleaners use a combination of professional-grade portable vacuums in conjunction with truck-mounted vacuums to suck the dirt, dust and debris from your ductwork. To get inside the ductwork, technicians use specialized access tools, and may use visual equipment such as cameras and periscopes to clearly see inside the ductwork.

Once the vacuums remove the dust and dirt, technicians may use hand-cleaning tools, pneumatic devices, HEPA vacuums and wet vacuums to clean tough-to-remove and wet debris. All debris is collected with products that prevent spreading.

Get Your Ducts Clean with Trained Professionals

There are a lot of companies out there that conduct duct cleaning for very low prices – be cautious with these kinds of offers. They may not clean your ducts very well due to lack of professional training and equipment.

If it’s been more than 5 years since your last duct cleaning, you are moving into a new home or you’ve recently completed construction work, it may be time for an air duct cleaning in Cary, NC. Call the experts you can trust: Raleigh Heating & Air.

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