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Why Cool My Home with a Heat Pump?


There is plenty of hot weather heading our way in the coming weeks and months, and some homeowners may find themselves coming to the realization that their air conditioning systems are not going to cut it for another cooling season. Whether you planned on replacing your air conditioner this spring or if you’ve just accepted that this the end of its road, we’ve got a suggestion for you to consider—using a heat pump to cool your home!

Heat pumps are effective, versatile, and actually ideal for use in warmer climates like our own. We’ll cover what makes the heat pump such a great choice more in the post that follows. First, we want to remind you that the only way to get the most out of any AC system is to schedule your services with an HVAC company in Durham, NC, that you can trust to do the job right. You’re reading this right now, and that means that you’ve already found the company to work with.

With a Heat Pump, You Get It All

Well, if by “all” you mean heating and cooling, that is. And, when it comes to temperature management, that is all you’re talking about! Heat pumps are able to function as effective air conditioning systems in the summer, but they can also reverse their operation in order to heat homes in the summer. That means that you get year-round comfort by investing in just one system.

How Does That Work?

Thanks to the heat pump’s use of:

A. A heat transfer process


B. A reversing valve.

Just like any other air conditioner, a heat pump evaporates refrigerant indoors in the summer, which allows it to draw heat out of the air in the house. That refrigerant then travels to the outdoor condenser unit, where it is condensed and its heat is released. Thanks to its reversing valve, however, the heat pump can reverse this process to evaporate refrigerant outdoors, drawing heat out of the air outside, and then condensing it indoors, to heat up the house.

What’s the Benefit of This?

Well, aside from getting year-round comfort, you also get a very efficient heating performance. You are not burning a fuel or using electric resistance to create new heat. You’re transferring existing heat into your home, compressing it to maximize its potential while using just a small amount of electricity in order to facilitate the process.

We say that heat pumps are ideal for this area because, while modern heat pumps are effective down to lower temperatures than ever, the fact is that our winters are fairly mild around here. In fact, a designated heating system could be called overkill in certain situations. If you’re interested in running just one system while also cutting back on heating costs when you do need your heater, then a heat pump is probably the system for you. We’re here to answer any further questions that you may have.

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