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Why Consider Whole-House Humidifier Installation before Winter Arrives

We are starting to move toward the time of the year when air conditioners turn off and heaters turn on. The transition period of the fall is when you should schedule work that will help prepare your home for the shift in seasons. (It’s also not a bad time to have a new air conditioning system put in.) One addition that you should consider for your home’s HVAC system that will aid you during the winter is a whole-house humidifier. You can contact us to arrange for this installation service.

Reasons a whole-house humidifier is helpful in winter

  • It makes a home more comfortable: You’re certainly familiar with how much hotter a summer day feels when the humidity is high. The moisture in the air slows down the body’s ability to release heat through perspiration, and this makes the body feel hotter. But this is an advantage during cold temperatures. A humidifier will add enough moisture to the air to take the edge off the cold in your home.
  • It lowers energy costs: Balanced humidity will make the air in your home feel around 8°F warmer, and you’ll need to run your heating system less often. This will make for a noticeable reduction in your energy bills.
  • It promotes better winter time health: Low humidity will cause sinuses and mucus membranes to dry up, removing one of the body’s best ways to prevent the spread of colds and flus. Thanks to a humidifier, everyone in your home can enjoy a much healthier winter season.
  • It eliminates static electricity: Static electrical shocks are one of the biggest annoyances of the winter, and static electricity is at its worst in dry environments. If you’re tired of the shocks, struggling to comb your hair, or laundry and sheets clinging to one another, a whole-house humidifier can solve the problem.

Raleigh Heating & Air, Inc. offers installation of whole-house humidifiers in Knightdale, NC and throughout Wake County and the surrounding areas.

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