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The Power of UV Germicidal Lights in the Winter

The flu virus can be a problem throughout the year in North America, but it is most common during the fall and winter. In other words, right now! This is the time when people take precautions with flu-shots and other medical methods to defend against getting sick. But there are ways that you can help make your home a healthier place—healthier for anything except the flu virus, that is!

Installing UV Germicidal Lights

You can have powerful filters installed in an HVAC system that trap bacteria and even viruses. But these HEPA filters, which are commonly used in hospitals, are almost never right for homes because they place too much strain on the blower of the AC and furnace. The weave of these filters is simply too tight to allow much air to pass through. You need a different type of defense against viruses and other germs that won’t put a chokehold on your HVAC system.

This is where UV germicidal lights are indispensable. Also known as UV air purifiers, these devices consist of low-power ultraviolet light bulbs that send out UV radiation in an area where air from the heater must circulate. The UV radiation disrupts the cellular functions of viruses, destroying them or rendering them inert and harmless. It does this without posing any danger to people or pets, and it leaves behind no harmful chemicals.

UV lights are often used in hospitals to help sterilize the air—and you can put this power to work for your home for a much happier and flu-free winter season. Our IAQ specialists work with a number of different air quality solutions for homes, and they’re glad to help you with installing UV germicidal lights or other air quality products.

Raleigh Heating & Air, Inc. has served Clayton, NC and all of Wake County and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. Call today to learn more about out indoor air quality services for a healthier winter.

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