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The Importance of a Professional Cary Heat Pump Installation

A heat pump is one of the best options available for your home comfort system. Even though the name makes it sound like it provides only heat, a heat pump’s great advantage is that it can also function as an air conditioner. The design of a heat pump is very similar to that of a standard central AC, except it contains an additional mechanisms which allow it to reverse the direction of refrigerant and heat your home in the winter. During the cool months, a heat pump takes heat from outside and moves it inside; in the warm months it takes the heat from inside and moves it outside.

A heat pump is a complex machine, so when you want one installed in your home, you should not attempt to do it yourself or rely on amateur assistance. Hire professionals, like those at Raleigh Heating & Air for your Cary, NC heating installation.

Before installation even begins, it’s important to have professionals on the job. Experts will determine the proper size heat pump for your house, and figure out the best location to install it. If either of these is done poorly, the heat pump will have a hard time giving you the temperature you want.

Since most heat pumps use ductwork like a standard air conditioner, it is vital that the ducts remain intact and undamaged. Untrained work can easily warp and break ducts, and if that happens, the heat pump will suffer a major loss in efficiency. It can also lead to dust contamination and reduced air quality. Professionals work with ducts all the time and have the tools and knowledge to make hooking them up to your new heat pump a smooth process.

A professional installation will also prevent expensive repairs in the future. You may think hiring a friend with a bit of HVAC knowledge to handle the task will save you money, but the long-term expenses to fix the improper installation issues will far outweigh it. You’ll have fewer headaches if you get the installation done right on the first try.

At Raleigh Heating & Air, we’ve done heat pump installations for over two decades. When you hire us in Cary, NC for heating installation needs, you can trust that we’ll get the job done fast and with high quality workmanship. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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