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My Air Conditioner Can’t Keep Up with the Heat! What’s Wrong?

There’re few things as frustrating during a hot and humid North Carolina summer than to find that the air conditioning you rely on for comfort is simply unable to keep up with your demand for cooling. It’s like discovering that your car simply will no longer go faster 45 m.p.h. Yes, you’ll reach your destination, but much slower than you should—and it’s not something you can simply “tolerate”! It needs to be fixed.

What’s causing the AC to struggle so much?

There are a number of reasons, but before we look into them, it’s important that to remind you that only HVAC professionals can correctly diagnose issues with an air conditioning system and devise solutions. Don’t use the information below to start an attempt to DIY the problem!

  • The outdoor coil is dirty: This is a common problem that split system air conditioners face. The outdoor coil can start to collect dirt and debris, and sometimes garden mulch, along its surface. If this happens, the coil will not be able to release heat and cool down the refrigerant. If warm refrigerant ends up flowing to the indoor coil, it will lower the coil’s ability to absorb heat.
  • The system is losing refrigerant: The refrigerant in your AC must remain at the same level for the system to work correctly. If leaks start along refrigerant lines, refrigerant will escape and the air conditioner will not be able to provide sufficient cooling. Worse, the drop in refrigerant will eventually damage the components, so the problem must be fixed immediately.
  • The air filter is clogged: You need to regularly change the air filter for the AC. Otherwise, the debris caught in it will slow down the airflow into the system and affect its cooling.
  • The AC is undersized: If the air conditioning system is a new one, the problem may be that the installer who put it in selected one that’s too small for your house. This is one of the many reasons that you must only rely on licensed professionals for installation.

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