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Ducted vs. Ductless Heat Pumps: How to Choose

You have a big choice these days when you decide to install a new heat pump for a house: Do you go with a standard heat pump that runs using a ventilation system of ducts? Or do you opt for the alternative ductless mini split model that sends air into rooms through a series of air handlers?

The answer to the question depends on your individual circumstances. But we can say this for 100% certain: you should always have professionals advise you on making the choice.

Below we’ll look at some of the reasons that might sway you to one choice or the other.

Why Choose a Ducted Heat Pump

  • Your home already has ducts: If you aren’t making any major renovations to your home that will involve removing ducts, it’s a good idea to stick with existing ducts and hook up a new heat pump to them.
  • Better air circulation: One of the benefits of using ducts in a home is the powerful air circulation they provide. Ductless mini splits can often leave air feeling stagnant in rooms.
  • You don’t like the look of air handlers on the walls: This is basic aesthetic decision. Ductless systems require mounting air handlers on the walls of rooms. If you dislike the appearance of these units in your rooms and would prefer the HVAC system stay entirely hidden, stick with a ductwork system.

Why Choose a Ductless Heat Pump

  • You’re planning renovation or new construction: Why not ditch the space-consuming ducts when you remodel parts of your home? A ductless system offers you greater design freedom.
  • Asthma and allergy concerns: Ducted systems may have better circulation—but they also circulate plenty dust and other air pollutants. Ductless heat pumps don’t have this problem, making them ideal for households with asthma and allergy sufferers.
  • Zone heating and cooling: Each of the air handlers in a ductless system can run separately from the others. This provides you with zone control over your home’s comfort, which can save you immensely over the years.

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