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Air Conditioning Repair Warning Signs

We rely on our air conditioning systems all summer long in Cary, NC to provide excellent, reliable comfort in our homes. For that reason, professional installation and routine maintenance are critical to ensuring that you receive solid performance and high-energy efficiency from your AC, whether you have a heat pump, central air, or ductless mini split AC. However, eventually, you may find that your AC is in need of professional repair. While sometimes problems seem to occur spontaneously and suddenly, typically there are some warning signs. If you identify one or more of these signs, make sure you call for repair sooner than later. Neglecting a problem in development may end up you costing much more in the long run. For more information about Cary, NC air conditioning repair, contact Raleigh Heating & Air today!

  • Inadequate cooling: This is probably one of the most common warning signs. If your system’s ability to cool has recently fallen off, or if you have noticed a slow decline in its ability to cool your home, it could be a sign that you need repair. One of the preventive measures you can take, one that is also necessary for consistent operation, is to replace your air filter regularly. This will keep your system clean and clear of dust and debris.
  • Strange noise: If you hear hissing, grinding, buzzing, or banging, these could be signs that something is not right. In general, you should expect your AC, especially the outdoor unit to make some noise. But, if the noise radically changes pitch, or it sounds wrong, there is probably something wrong with your system. Make sure you have a pro come take a listen.
  • Spike in energy costs: If you notice your energy bill jump from one month to the next, without a corresponding increase in usage, then it’s possible your system needs professional attention. While there are numerous reasons for this occurring, there may be an air leak somewhere within the system, or possibly low refrigerant.

These are just a few warning signs. For more information, or to schedule a Raleigh, NC air conditioning repair, call Raleigh Heating & Air today! 

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