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Air Conditioning Guide: Common Ductless AC Repairs

If you have a ductless air conditioner installed in your home, here’s the good news when it comes to repairs: you don’t have to worry about trouble with ducts! There’s no need to clean them or fix air leaks. The bad news… well, it isn’t that bad. It’s just that you can expect your ductless system, to still need occasional repairs. Because ductless systems operate with a condenser and evaporator, a compressor, fans, and refrigerant, they will need similar repairs to traditional air conditioners.

Whatever troubles you have with your ductless air conditioning, Raleigh, NC has access to professionals who can handle it: Raleigh Heating & Air. Contact us today to schedule repairs.

These are some ductless AC issues that might need attention:

Air handler condensate leaks: Ductless air conditioners cool your home through multiple wall-mounted units instead of vents. If one of these units is improperly installed with insufficient insulation around the refrigerant lines or if there is a leak in the condensate drain, it can cause water to drip. This is not only bad for the air handler, it can damage the wall where the unit is set.

Refrigerant leaks: Because ductless air conditioners use multiple lines to carry refrigerant, they have a somewhat higher risk for refrigerant leaks than standard systems. Low refrigerant will impair the AC’s performance, but these leaks aren’t difficult to repair. A professional can detect the leaks, seal them, and then recharge the lost refrigerant.

Strange noises from the outdoor unit: Because the components most likely to need repair on a ductless system are housed in a single cabinet located outside, pay attention to any unusual sounds coming from it. A grinding noise might be a failing compressor, while humming and clicking could point to a faulty capacitor. Don’t delay when these odd sounds start: get an HVAC expert to find out what is wrong and the best way to remedy it.

Make sure your ductless AC has a long life so you can get the energy savings you want from it. Raleigh Heating & Air is ready to help you with the necessary repairs for your air conditioning in Raleigh, NC. We offer a 5-year parts and labor guarantee on service repairs.

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