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Spring Is Here, And That Means It’s Time for an AC Tune-Up!

The arrival of the first day of Spring doesn’t necessarily mean that the weather will immediately start to turn warm. April can be an unpredictable month, and cold temperature may still lie ahead. However, the march toward the summer climate has started, and that means the time has arrived to schedule your annual air conditioning maintenance inspection and tune-up.

Why maintenance makes sense in spring

In general, it’s always good planning to have maintenance done for an appliance near to the time when it will receive the most use, but with enough of a buffer to allow for repairs if they’re necessary. For an air conditioning system, early spring is the ideal time to meet both of these requirements: you’ll soon have the air conditioner working steadily, but you’ll have a window in which to have repairs done if the maintenance technicians discover anything wrong.

Spring is also an easier time for scheduling service for an HVAC system. Technicians deal with fewer emergency calls for heating or cooling during the lull between winter and summer.

Why maintenance makes sense in general

Maintenance is simply one of the best services you can have done for your HVAC system. In the long-term, it means a cooling system that will endure for many years and return your initial investment on it. An early retirement for an AC is one of the most expensive remedies possible, and you want to avoid it at all costs. Regular maintenance also means fewer repair bills and keeping down energy costs.

In the short-term, maintenance is a way to protect your household from suffering on a hot summer day when the air conditioner abruptly breaks down. Maintenance will see that the AC heads into the hot weather with the least amount of stress on its components, and any major repair work done before the malfunction can become an actual operational problem. Regular maintenance is basically the best “insurance policy” you can have for a hot summer.

To arrange for spring air conditioning maintenance, call Raleigh Heating & Air, Inc. We offer service to Wake Forest, NC.

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