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How You Benefit from an HVAC Maintenance Plan

On our last blog post, we recommended homeowners start planning for the coming hot weather with professional air conditioning maintenance. March is the ideal time to have this task scheduled: the weather hasn’t settled into steady warmth yet but the temperature change is coming up soon. Having the AC tuned-up close to when it will be needed the most is a smart strategy.

Air conditioning maintenance is often part of a larger maintenance plan for a home. If you’re looking for air conditioning maintenance in Cary, NC, we advise that you contact us to find out about our Comfort Club, which provides a complete annual maintenance plan with other benefits.

Why an HVAC Maintenance Plan Is Beneficial

There are a number of great advantages to signing up for a maintenance plan like our Comfort Club. Below are a few of them:

A more reliable AC and heater

There are many ways that spring and fall maintenance helps a home comfort system. But the one that’s most immediately important is that it makes an air conditioner and heater more dependable over the coming season. You don’t want an AC at risk of failing during the hottest day of the year, or a furnace likely to stop working on a frozen night. Maintenance tunes up and cleans each system, as well as locates potential trouble areas, so that you won’t have to worry about it making it through the coming rough weather.

Extended equipment life

An air conditioner or heater that fails years before its estimated service life means a costly replacement. To get the best return on your initial investment in your HVAC system, you want it to last for as long as possible—and regular maintenance is a key part of seeing this happens.

Energy savings throughout the year

The wear and tear that both heating and air conditioning systems suffer over the year will add up to a drop in system efficiency. On average, a heater or AC loses 5% of its energy efficiency for each year it misses maintenance. It won’t take long before utility bills are much higher than they should be. Annual maintenance can keep a system running at 95% of its initial efficiency throughout its service life, keeping those utility bills down no matter the season.

You won’t forget to schedule maintenance

It’s easy to have HVAC maintenance slip from your mind when you’re busy with other things. A maintenance plan overcomes forgetfulness, since we will be the ones to contact you with a reminder that it’s time for your AC/heater’s check-up and inspection.

Additional program benefits

The Comfort Club provides bonuses to members that go beyond the numerous benefits of quality maintenance. You receive a 15% discount on repairs, no overtime charges, an $80 anytime diagnostic, a 2-year guarantee on parts, and priority service so you can leap to the head of the service queue.

To find out more details about how the Comfort Club works and the pricing options, contact our offices today.

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