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Answering Some Common Questions about Ductless Mini Splits

Last week, we encouraged you to look into the possibility of having a ductless mini split installed as your new fall heating/cooling option. This week, we’d like to address some of the questions that people often have about this technology, which is only now starting to become common in the U.S. (It’s the principle method of heating and cooling in Europe and Japan.)

Q: Do I need professionals to install a ductless system?

A: The complexity of installation for a ductless mini split falls between putting in a standard ducted system and putting in a window unit. You can find online guides for how to do the work on your own, but we strongly advise that you leave the job to professionals. An incorrect installation can mean voiding the manufacturer warranty—as well as resulting in a system that doesn’t work the way it should.

Q: Will you have to knock a huge hole in my wall for the installation?

A: To connect the air handlers in the different rooms to the outdoor unit requires putting a hole through the wall behind each air handler for the refrigerant and power line. This hole is small, however: 3” in diameter or less.

Q: How many BTUs of cooling and heating power do I need from a ductless system?

A: This depends on your home, the number of air handlers, and the square feet you want to cool and heat. These air handlers condition a larger area that window AC units, and consequently have higher BTU requirement. For example, a 450 to 600 square foot area would require around 12,000 BTUs of conditioning power. You can let the professionals figure out the power of the unit to meet your comfort needs, however.

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