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Have a Ductless Mini Split System Installed This Fall

Are you looking into getting a new HVAC system this fall? Or have you thought about expanding your current heating and cooling, such as for a room addition? Then we recommend that you consider installing a ductless mini split system.

Ductless Mini Split Operation

A ductless mini split is a type of heat pump that operates through a small air handler mounted in a room. The air handler blows conditioned air directly into the living space, and connects out the back of the wall to an outside unit.

Ductless systems come in both single- and multi-zone options. A single-zone system is an excellent way to provide heating and cooling to an add-on room, or any place in the house not hooked up to the ductwork of the HVAC system. A multi-zone system uses 2–8 air handlers connected to 1–2 outdoor units. These systems are great as whole-house comfort solutions that require no ductwork at all.

The Advantages of a Ductless Mini Split

Aside from their convenience when it comes to add-on rooms or homes that lack space for ducts, ductless mini splits offer a number of other benefits:

  • Reduction in energy use: The air handlers use smaller motors and mechanical parts than standard heat pumps, and therefore consume less power to run.
  • Automatic zone cooling: Each air handler operates separately, so you only heat or cool the rooms that need it.
  • Improved air quality: No more clogged ductwork adding dust and dirt into the air. This is a major bonus for homes that have people who suffer from asthma and allergies.

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