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HVAC Services in Clayton, NC

Enjoy the four seasons in comfort with extensive HVAC services from Raleigh Heating & Air. Our fully insured, bonded, and licensed professionals offer five-star residential home repair to lift your burdens and restore function to your home.

With fair prices and exceptional quality, our local team in Clayton understands that quality repair means quality customer care. At Raleigh Heating & Air, you’re more than just another job. We care about finding the most cost-effective solutions for your home.

Getting your system ready for winter and summer? 

Schedule an appointment or call 919-890-7789, and a certified contractor will address your heating and cooling needs. 

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Heating Services

Raleigh Heating & Air works to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter in Clayton. Our comprehensive heating services cover installation, repairs, and maintenance to keep your home or business toasty in the frigid cold. Whether you’re looking for furnace services, heat pump services, ductless systems services, packaged system services, or geothermal system services, we have you covered. 

Repair: A professional diagnosis of a malfunctioning heating system is always the best route to prevent further costly repairs. With over 25 years of heating and AC experience, Raleigh Heating & Air experts are skilled and trained to work with most brands or models of heating equipment.

If you’re spotting any of these signs that your heating system needs repairs, call Raleigh Heating & Air:

  • Strange smells or odors
  • Premature shutdowns
  • Carbon monoxide alerts
  • Malfunctioning thermostat
  • On-and-off cycling
  • Flame rollouts or backdrafting

Installation: When looking for a first-rate heating system, Raleigh Heating & Air has you covered with industry-leading brands and top manufacturers. Our technicians are experts in replacing existing heating systems with new, updated, high-performing systems. 

It’s time for a heating system replacement if you spot the following signs:

  • You have a system that is 10 years or older
  • It fails to regulate the heat in your room
  • Operation costs are higher than normal
  • It requires frequent and expensive repairs

Maintenance: Maintenance is the key to prolonging longevity in any working system. To keep your heating system ready for when you need it most, we recommend routine yearly maintenance to prevent the risk of system failure or other costly repairs.

Schedule a tune-up, and an HVAC technician in Clayton will inspect all heating components in your system for continued efficient operation.  

Don’t wait for winter to prepare your home’s heating system. Get ahead of the cold and contact us or call 919-890-7789 to ask about our services. 

Cooling Services

Need cooling services to get your home summer-ready? At Raleigh Heating & Air, we offer HVAC maintenance, repair, and installation services to beat the heat and keep you cool. If you’re dreading the thought of rebooting your system, recruit one of our certified specialists to inspect your cooling system and deliver reliable service every time. 

Repair: Our AC professionals are experienced at repairing all makes and models of HVAC units to ensure a long service life and the perfect temperature in every room. We offer priority emergency air conditioner repairs. Call us, and a local certified technician in Clayton will respond with our 24-hour service.

Installation: For comprehensive AC installation services that meet your cooling needs, trust Raleigh Heating & Air. Our NATE-certified technicians provide:

  • Air conditioning installation
  • Heat pump installation
  • Ductless mini-split installation

Maintenance: There are many benefits to regularly maintaining your cooling system, including protecting your manufacturer’s warranty. Raleigh Heating & Air offers extensive AC maintenance services to prolong your system’s service life, reduce repairs, and increase performance.

A scheduled maintenance appointment with our team includes:

  • AC condenser and evaporator coil cleaning
  • Condensate pan and drain cleaning
  • Thermostat adjustments
  • Air filter replacement and cleaning
  • Refrigerant refill as needed
  • Secure loose electrical components

For comprehensive maintenance, installation, and repair services, schedule an appointment or call 919-890-7789 to speak to a professional in Clayton.

Systems We Service

Our local team in Clayton prides itself on offering high-quality services to maintain your home’s heating and air demands no matter what they are. We’re confident we’ll find the right solutions for a cost-effective, reliable system you can depend on for years to come. We service the following systems: 

Air conditioners: ACs cool your home by removing heat and humidity from the air. Like all other working appliances, it will need repairs after years of steady service. Our HVAC repair technicians in Clayton will troubleshoot your unit and restore cooling performance to your home. 

Ductless split systems: For a fast, affordable, and convenient heating system installation, consider a ductless split system. These have an outdoor compressor and indoor handling unit connected through a wall that works to efficiently cool and heat your home year-round. They require no ductwork, which means minimal maintenance and repair costs. 

Heat pumps: Heat pumps are installed outside your home and provide both heat and air conditioning. Using heat transference, heat pumps pull cool air from the outdoors during summer and transfer it indoors. It keeps your home warm in winter by pulling heat indoors from the outside air. 

Furnaces: Often referred to as a heater, furnaces serve as a source of natural gas heating. They’re commonly used for central heating systems and provide heat using air, steam, or hot water. Raleigh Heating & Air can help you choose and install the right furnace to heat your home effectively and efficiently. 

Dual fuel systems: A dual fuel system pairs a gas furnace with an electric heat pump to provide cost-effective heating in your home. The two heating systems alternate, with the furnace doing the heavy lifting in winter and the heat pump taking over during warmer seasons.

Air Quality Services

If you suffer from asthma flare-ups and allergy symptoms, regulating your indoor air quality can provide relief. Our advanced indoor air quality services and products help improve the air you breathe by removing common pollutants from indoor air.

Reduce the risk of respiratory illnesses with air purification system maintenance and indoor air quality services such as:

  • Duct sealing and cleaning
  • Duct replacement
  • Blower door testing
  • Air filters and cleaners
  • Ventilation and humidity control
  • Humidifier/dehumidifier installation

Suffering from allergies or having difficulties breathing? You might need to improve your indoor air quality. 

Contact us online or call 919-890-7789 to ask about our air quality services. 

Plumbing Services

At Raleigh Heating & Air, our services also extend to all your plumbing needs. We provide 24/7 emergency plumbing repair services with customer satisfaction guaranteed to restore your home’s plumbing swiftly and affordably.

Our team works round-the-clock to provide the following plumbing services:    

Why Choose Raleigh Heating & Air Conditioning?

With an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, Raleigh Heating & Air features air and plumbing experts committed to stress-free solutions that make home repairs easier. Our contractors are licensed by the North Carolina State Board of Examiners and have all the required municipality permits to complete any repairs.

At Raleigh Heating & Air, our clients are more than just another job. We care about our work quality, professionalism, and client needs — that’s why our services are backed by 100% customer satisfaction.  


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