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Won’t a Humidifier Make My Home Too Damp?

Dry air can often present a serious problem in a home. This situation frequently occurs because air conditioning systems draw moisture from the air as they cool down a house, with the result that the air becomes too dry when the AC is running. Dry air leads to chapped lips, irritated eyes and skin, dried sinuses, the rapid spread of illnesses, and an easier environment for colds and viruses to thrive. Low moisture also damages wood surfaces and causes paint and wallpaper to peel.

Is a humidifier the best solution to these problems? Some homeowners feel reluctant about installing whole-house humidifiers out of concern that they will end up causing a damp house, which is incredibly uncomfortable during the summer. Raleigh Heating & Air has installed many humidifiers in Raleigh, NC, and we can answer this question for you. Actually, we can provide two answers:

Yes, a humidifier will make your home too damp

If you arrange for amateurs to put in a whole-house humidifier, or you try to take on the work yourself, you will probably end up with a humidifier that is too powerful for the space. Instead of balancing humidity around the 50–60% level, the system will push the humidity level higher, leading to the problems associated with muggy, moist air: water damage, mold and mildew growth, and warm temperatures feeling even warmer.

No, a humidifier will not make your home too damp

You shouldn’t have anything to worry about, however, if you have professionals install the whole-house humidifier. Experts will first select the right-sized unit to fit the spaces in your home and make sure that it will not overcompensate and result in a humid home. (They will also make sure it is powerful enough to fix the problem with dry air.) After selecting the unit, the professionals will handle properly integrating it into your HVAC system so that it does exactly the job it should.

In addition to relying on professionals for installation of your humidifier, also turn to them whenever the system needs repairs work. Proper care of the humidifier will ensure that it will continue to provide balanced humidity for many years to come.

Contact us for humidifier service that won’t make your home damp

It takes training, skill, and familiarity with indoor air quality services to see that a humidifier in a home provides balanced moisture, not excess moisture. Raleigh Heating & Air has 20 years of experience installing whole house humidifiers in Raleigh, NC, and we can see that your home’s dry air is fixed and no new problems are created. Give us a call today to set up an appointment.

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