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Some Tips for Better Air Conditioning This Summer

The summer weather in Raleigh, NC will be here before you know it, and the air conditioning system that serves your home will be busy sending cooled air around the rooms. We have some suggestions for ways to see that you get both the best performance and the highest energy efficiency for your AC this coming summer.

Any time that you require professional assistance with your air conditioning system, call on the experienced HVAC team at Raleigh Heating & Air. We have over 20 years of helping homes stay comfortable.

3 air conditioning tips for the summer

  • Practical thermostat settings: Many homeowners put the settings on their thermostats far too low without realizing that it wastes energy without helping comfort. In general, you should aim to have the thermostat set around 68°F. This is a comfortable temperature for most people, although some may need it lower or have no problem with it a bit higher. Turning the AC down farther, however, does not mean it will cool down the house any faster. It will simply leave the compressor running longer. This will waste energy and also shorten the system’s life—and you won’t feel any more comfortable.
  • Change the air filter once a month: We hope that you’ve already had professional maintenance for your air conditioner. (If not, call to schedule it now.) During maintenance, the technician will change out the air filter so the system has a fresh start. Make sure you know how to do this as well, since you should change (or clean) the filter yourself once a month for the rest of the season. Letting the filter clog up will mean choked off airflow and an inefficient system.
  • Call for repairs at the first sign of trouble: When an AC shows the slightest indication that it is having problems cooling down the home, you shouldn’t hesitate but immediately call for repairs from professionals. Waiting and hoping the AC will “ride out” the issue won’t work, and it will end up raising your bills and putting the system at risk of a full breakdown.

Raleigh Heating & Air is here to help you with repairs, maintenance, and even a full system replacement so that you will have great comfort all through the summer.

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