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It’s That Time of Year Again: Schedule Maintenance for Your Heater

The final months of the year can get extremely busy for everyone. It’s amazing how Halloween, Thanksgiving, and all the various December holidays seem to pile one atop the other without giving you much room to breathe. So maybe you don’t want to hear someone give you yet one more reminder about another task that has to be scheduled this time of year.

However, arranging for professional maintenance for your home’s heater is one of the most important jobs to check off your “to-do” list during the fall. And it isn’t that difficult a job: you only need to contact an experienced HVAC contractor to schedule the maintenance visit, and a technician will come to your home and have the work done in about an hour.

Here are some of the possible consequences of going without heating maintenance:

  • It puts the heating system at risk of a breakdown: The holiday crunch during December will be even more stressful if your heater abruptly stops working and you have to scramble to find repairs on one of coldest days of the month. Thanks to a maintenance tune-up and inspection, your heater has a much higher chance of making it through the winter without serious troubles.
  • It can be expensive: A heater that doesn’t receive maintenance is more likely to need to have repairs done during the season. It will also work at lower energy efficiency because of the unrelieved stress on its components, which means that you’ll spend more money to run it.
  • It can mean an early end to the heater: The most expensive “repair” that a heating system may require is a complete replacement years before its time. Annual maintenance will help a heater reach its lifespan estimate. Without maintenance, expect to have the heater sent to the scrap heap years too soon.

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