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How Ductless Air Conditioning Can Save You Money


It is impossible to argue against the fact that the split central air conditioning system remains the most popular of all whole-house cooling systems in use today. The central AC that we all know and love has a lot going for it—and its method of distributing conditioned air throughout an entire house via a centralized system of air ducts is certainly a major improvement over loud, inefficient window units. That being said, there are other options out there to consider.

The ductless mini split is certainly one of the most enticing, even if some homeowners are not yet privy to the many benefits that it has to offer. While they’ve long been dominant in many commercial applications, ductless air conditioning systems have become incredibly popular in the residential sector over the years, too. You can count on us to install your ductless AC and to handle any other air conditioning service in Durham, NC the right way, every time. 

Eliminate Duct Leaks Entirely!

We have a secret to share with you—there is no way to make any air duct completely impervious to the threat of potential leaks. So how do you eliminate the risk of duct leaks that can decimate the efficiency with which you cool your home? You eliminate the need for air ducts all together, of course!

Ductless mini splits share a lot in common with central ACs—the use of refrigerant in the cooling cycle, the outdoor unit, etc.—but one thing they don’t share is air ducts. With a ductless unit, refrigerant lines go directly to wall-mounted blowers that essentially act as independent air handlers for the spaces in which they are installed. By eliminating the need for air ducts, you can save energy by entirely avoiding duct leaks.

Take Advantage of Zone Control

Ducted forced air cooling systems can certainly incorporate zone control into their design. With a ductless mini split, however,  that zone control is part and parcel of the package. You simply adjust the temperature at the right thermostat—each blower has its own—and that blower will respond accordingly. You can even shut off the blowers in areas that you don’t want to condition entirely.

Not only does this allow you to save energy when cooling your home, but it also allows you to live more comfortably in doing so. Don’t let arguments break out around the thermostat any longer. Instead, take advantage of the incredible control afforded to homeowners by the ductless mini split!

Enjoy Efficient Heating, Too

Wait—aren’t we talking about air conditioning? Well, yes. But when you’re talking about ductless air conditioning, heating need not be excluded from the conversation. While designated ductless AC systems are out there, most homeowners opt for the heat pump models that double as heating systems in the winter.

Like traditional air-source heat pumps, ductless mini splits won’t generate new heat to warm your home with. They’ll transfer heat from the air outside into your home. That means that you enjoy great comfort and year-round efficiency, all in one uniquely advantageous system.

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