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How a Clogged AC Condensate Drain Can Create Problems

We recently wrote about some of the more common troubles your air conditioner may run into as the summer winds down. We’d like to bring up another one of these late-summer problems: clogged condensate drains. If you should have an issue with your air conditioner because of a clogged drain, call on repair professionals right away. You never want to let an AC problem linger even though the cooling season is coming to a close.

What is the condensate drain do?

As an air conditioning system runs, it absorbs heat along the evaporator coil. This process also draws moisture from the air, and it collects along the coil. When the water drips down from the coil, it is caught in a condensate pan. A drain then removes the water from the pan (using a special condensate pump) and out of your home.

Why can the drain become clogged?

There are two major reasons that a condensate drain will develop blockage. The first is algal growth, which is a common trouble in a humid climate like ours. The second is from dirt that enters into the AC’s cabinet and then into the condensate pan.

Why this is a problem

If the condensate drain is clogged, it will quickly cause the pan (which is only about an inch deep) to overflow. This can create a fire hazard, since you never want water splashing onto electrical equipment. The water can also drip down onto the furnace (if, like many HVAC systems, both the furnace and AC are in the same cabinet) and lead to extremely damaging corrosion.

But water leaking from your air conditioner will also damage your home. This sort of water leak can create hundreds of dollars worth of water damage before it’s stopped. The water will also create a breeding ground for mildew and harmful molds.

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