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Hiring the Best Technician Money Can Buy


When it comes to air conditioning repair, replacement, or installation- you don’t want to be hassled by untrained or unprofessional contractors. Especially with how much money an AC can cost, you want the most bang for your buck- and a great technician is the conduit that will take you there. Too many contractors want to sell you the most expensive and state of the art air conditioner with no regard to how much money you might actually want to pay. Or we’ve all been in those situations where a contractor neglected to mention a promotion, tax credit, or the gradual increase in energy costs that this brand-new system would incur. That’s not fair to you and it’s not fair to all the hard-working contractors out there who treat their customers well.

So that’s why we’ve developed a list of things to look out for when considering air conditioning service in Clayton, NC. Using this information, it might be easier to choose a technician who is more prepared to address your specific needs when it comes to air conditioning.

Let’s take a look.

Things to Consider

There are a multitude of things to consider when just talking about the broad spectrum of contractors that work on air conditioners- which is why it’s important for consumers to figure out what priorities are most important to them when it comes to working with a technician. Don’t worry if your AC maintenance priorities are different from your neighbor’s, there are always different households and budgets that must be accounted for.

  • Upselling. Nobody wants to be sold something they don’t need, especially someone who is on a tight budget. A great technician will know your cooling needs and will only sell you what you want.
  • Promotions. Make sure you ask your contractor about promotions, or even better if they offer promotions upfront- that’s always a good sign.
  • Longevity. This is an important one. Air conditioners don’t last forever and in the best cases, they last for 10-15 years. If your technician isn’t concerned with the age of your system and is selling you extremely pricey repairs that are over half the price of a brand-new AC, you should reconsider.
  • Maintenance Plan. All AC units require maintenance throughout their lives. That being said, a helpful technician will always be able to set you up with an appropriately priced maintenance plan that can give you peace of mind.
  • Energy Costs. Contractors should be conscious of how much you’ll be paying for energy. A poorly installed or poorly fitted AC system will cost an immense amount of money in wasted energy. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about energy costs.

Hopefully, this can be a starting point for you to consider when looking for a contractor to work with for your air conditioning installation, maintenance, repair, or replacement. Don’t compromise for the priorities that are important to you and your family. Otherwise, you could end up paying way more money than you should.

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