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Earth Day

images Earth day was created in 1970 to bring awareness to environmental issues across our country.

Gaylord Nelson, the senator who started it all said,

“The opportunity for a gradual but complete break with our destructive environmental history and a new beginning is at hand…. We can measure up to the challenge if we have the will to do so—that is the only question. I am optimistic that this generation will have the foresight and the will to begin the task of forging a sustainable society.”

Raleigh Heating and Air is aware of the significant difference the HVAC industry can have on the environment. After all, almost half of the energy used inside the house or office place goes to your heating and cooling. It is because of this awareness, that we have been taking steps to bring around a more environmentally responsible way of accomplishing what we do.

With Chris Barnhill leading the way;

0401-300 We have transitioned our maintenance technicians into smaller more fuel-efficient vehicles.


Weekly energy-saving tips are shared on Facebook & Twitter,

Our Service Technicians are carrying tablets that allow them to be 100% paperless.

We are spreading the word about Geothermal and installing more and more of these systems all the time.

We are constantly in pursuit of new technology that will allow us to bring comfort into your homes and offices using the most energy efficient and environmentally responsible equipment available today.

Raleigh Heating & Air