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Does Replacing Your HVAC System Increase The Value of Your Home?

YES! There are many benefits to upgrading your heating and air conditioning system even if you are selling your home. First, the market is still down so if your home doesn’t sell as fast as you would like you can enjoy those lower utilities right away. And speaking of utilities, after speaking to several real estate agents most buyer are interested in how much it will be to live in the home. It used to be remodeled kitchens and bathrooms that peaked the interest of potential buyers but now it’s “show me your utility bills.”. So yes your 15 year old HVAC system is working but it’s costing you more than you think. Also, there are still Federal Tax credits you can take advantage of, up to $500. Or if you are thinking super green then look into geothermal. Those credits are 35% State and 30% Federal on the total investment. And think about what will set your house apart from the other 10 house for sale on your street. Every advantage counts and a new heating and cooling system is one of the biggest advantages you can have. For more information  call us at 919-890-7789.

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