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Can Geothermal Systems Start Leaking?

Although geothermal heating and cooling systems are among the most effective, dependable, and energy-efficient ways to provide comfort for a home, many people feel a bit reluctant about choosing to have one installed. One reason is that they worry about problems developing in the underground loops that are responsible for the heat exchange with the stable temperature of the earth. If those loops should start to leak, it would probably mean expensive repairs to reach the damaged loops and seal them.

Let’s take a closer look at the reality of leaking in a geothermal system.

Leaking loops: uncommon and not that hard to repair

First, the most common reason that leaking may start in the loops of a geothermal heat pump is because of poor quality initial installation. If the loops are not laid out well to match your property, they will sustain extra wear and tear that can end up creating leaks. If you start with qualified and experienced professionals for your geothermal installation, the chances of leaks later on are minimal.

If leaks should occur, the necessary repairs are not as disruptive and difficult as you may think. Actually, the hardest part is simply determining that you have a leak in the first place: watch for freezing along the indoor coil or a drop in cooling and heating power. If you believe you have a leak in the underground loops, call for a technician. The technician will place a colored dye into the loop system, then find the spot where it escape onto the surface in order to pinpoint the leaking area. That way the technician needs only dig in a small area to seal the hole in the loop. Afterwards, the technician will add refrigerant into the loop system to bring the refrigerant charge back to its regular level.

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