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Plumbing Services in Durham, NC

Plumbing plays a vital role in every home every day of the year. You depend on plumbing for cleaning, bathing, cooking, waste removal, and more. It keeps your home clean, comfortable, and healthy when it works correctly — and can leave it gross and hazardous when something goes wrong.

When you need help with your plumbing in the Durham area, call the expert plumbers at Raleigh Heating & Air. Our licensed and permitted professionals will deliver superior service using the latest tools and techniques with high-quality products from respected manufacturers.

Contact the Raleigh Heating & Air team to schedule plumbing services in the Durham area or learn more about our services.

Water Heater Services in Durham

Your water heater is vital to your comfort and hygiene, letting you clean clothes, dishes, and yourself comfortably and effectively. That’s why when something goes wrong with your water heater, you need a new one installed, or you need help with your routine maintenance, you’ll want the Raleigh Heating & Air team to be there quickly.

Need water heater services in Durham? Contact our plumbers today.

Tankless Water Heater Services in Durham, NC

Are you ready to upgrade to a tankless water heater, or do you have one that needs service? We can help you make the most of your investment, letting you enjoy highly efficient and endless hot water in your Durham home. We offer every service you need, including maintenance, repairs, and installation or replacement.

Contact us for more information on tankless water heaters or to request service.

Kitchen Plumbing

Your kitchen relies on a lot of plumbing. When you need help with repairs, want to upgrade fixtures as part of a remodel, or need some routine maintenance, we’re ready to help. Our kitchen plumbing services include:

  • Sink/fixture repair and replacement
  • Garbage disposal services
  • Clogged sink or dishwasher
  • Water lines for refrigerator or other appliances

Contact us today to schedule kitchen plumbing services in the Durham area.

Bathroom Plumbing

When your bathroom plumbing becomes a problem, it will always be frustrating. Whether your toilet stops flushing, your shower starts sputtering, or your faucet won’t quit dripping, our plumbers can help. Our services include:

  • Toilet repair, replacement, and unclogging
  • Fixture repairs and replacement
  • Drain cleaning and unclogging

Having trouble with your bathroom plumbing? Raleigh Heating & Air can help, so contact us today.

Leak Detection & Repair

Not every leak is obvious, but every leak is a danger to your property and health. You don’t want a hidden leak soaking electrical lines, causing water damage, flooding your basement, or encouraging pests and mold. Signs you have a leak include:

  • Water bills are going up for no reason.
  • You notice an unusual smell of standing water.
  • You see mold or mildew growth.
  • There’s water damage, stains, or bubbling wallpaper.
  • You hear running water when it shouldn’t be.

Fortunately, we can use the latest leak detection technology to find even the most isolated and hidden leaks deep in your walls or slab and get started on a minimally invasive repair plan.

Suspect you have a leak in your Durham home? Contact Raleigh Heating & Air today.

Sump Pumps

When the rain pours and the ground around your home is soaked past its limits, you need a reliable sump pump to protect your home. Heavy rains are common in Durham, so it’s important to be able to keep up.

A sump pump in good working order can ensure your basement stays safely dry by relieving hydrostatic pressure — and our plumbers can make sure you have that sump pump installed and maintained in perfect working order.

Request sump pump services or learn more about sump pumps by contacting us today.

Repiping & Pipe Repair

Aging plumbing starting to cause problems? Whether you need minor repairs or a complete repiping of your home from top to bottom, you can rely on our plumbers to install high-quality pipes with the latest best practices. Don’t settle for poor plumbing in your home and all the problems and headaches that come with it.

Contact the Raleigh Heating & Air team to learn more about our repiping and pipe repair services for Durham residents.

Why Choose Us?

When you need plumbing in Durham, choose the leading local team — Raleigh Heating & Air. When you choose us, you can expect superior service, work quality, and warranty coverage on even the smallest projects. Our licensed, trained, experienced plumbers are committed to your satisfaction.

When you call Raleigh Heating & Air, you can be confident your home is in great hands.

Contact us online when you’re ready to request plumbing services in Durham, NC.

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