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Raleigh Carbon Monoxide Detectors

We all want to be safe in our homes. If you don’t have a dependable, quality carbon monoxide detector in your home, you are missing an important component in your home comfort system. To learn more about the importance of a reliable carbon monoxide detector, call Raleigh Heating & Air. We cannot emphasize the importance of these devices enough, so call today.

What is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas produce by the incomplete burning of fossil fuels. Coal, wood, oil, kerosene, charcoal, propane and natural gas – all of which are used to heat household and operate appliances – are examples of fossil fuels that release carbon monoxide. Generators, cars, lawn mowers and any other devices that burn these fuels can produce carbon monoxide (CO). Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, so it is impossible to detect without the assistance of a device specifically designed to do so. If you do not have quality, dependable CO detectors in your home you are missing the only defense you have against carbon monoxide intrusion. At Raleigh Heating & Air, we want to help keep your home safe as well as comfortable. Call us today to learn more about carbon monoxide intrusion and CO detectors. We’re happy to install a new CO detector for any home.

Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The danger of carbon monoxide lies in the fact that it is undetectable until people begin displaying symptoms. Initially the symptoms of carbon monoxide mimic those of the flu, without the fever. Headache, fatigue, nausea, shortness of breath and dizziness are all indicative of low to moderate carbon monoxide exposure. Higher levels of exposure can lead to more severe symptoms, including mental confusion, vomiting, blacking out and loss of muscle control. There are many factors that determine the severity of these symptoms, including length of exposure and the levels of carbon monoxide present.

Protect Your Home from Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Because it is undetectable by sight or smell, the only way to ensure that there is no carbon monoxide present in your home is with dependable, high quality carbon monoxide detectors. Call Raleigh Heating & Air today to learn about how we can help keep you and your family safe with a professional CO detector installation. We’ll make sure that your quality detectors are installed according to local codes and that they are tested to ensure that they are working properly. Don’t take chances when it comes to carbon monoxide leaks. Call Raleigh Heating & Air to learn more.

What to Do in the Event of CO Detection Alarm

  • First and foremost, get outside.
  • Call 911 or your area’s emergency service line/fire department.
  • Be sure that everyone who was in the house made it outside.
  • If your CO detector is found to be faulty upon inspection, dispose of and replace it.
  • Call us any time you have problems with your CO detector.

Raleigh Carbon Monoxide Detector Services

Follow these simple steps to keep yourself and your family safe. Call Raleigh Heating & Air today with any questions you have about carbon monoxide and CO detectors. We service Raleigh, Wake Forest, Cary, greater Wake County and the surrounding areas.