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Why Is My Heating So Expensive?

When the winter weather starts, are you afraid to look at your energy bills each month? Heating a home through cold weather can become expensive, but does it have to be this pricey?

The answer is: “Probably not.” There are a number of ways that your home heating can become expensive, but you can prevent most of them. With a few steps and the assistance of a professional heating company like Raleigh Heating & Air, you can stop those ballooning costs and make the monthly arrival of the heating bill far less stressful. Call our technicians today to find out how to make home heating in Raleigh, NC more budget-friendly.

Here Are Some Tips To Get You Started

  • Make sure to change the air filter: This applies to forced-air heating systems such as furnaces and heat pumps. The air filter protects the internal system from contamination that enters through the return vents. After a month of steady use, the filter will develop enough clogging that it will start choking off airflow into the system. This will not only make the heater strain and begin to drain power, it can also lead to repair issues. You should change the filter (or clean it if you have a permanent filter) once a month. If you have a heat pump that has been working all summer keeping your home cool, make sure that you have the filter changed or cleaned before switching over to heating mode.
  • Exercise smart thermostat use: We need to clear something up about the thermostat that people often misunderstand: a thermostat is not a throttle, where the more you push it up the faster you receive heat. A thermostat is a switch: it’s either on or it’s off. Setting the thermostat at a high level (usually 85–90° for most heaters) will not heat your home faster; it will only keep the heater working longer until reaching the set temperature. This is a large waste of money, and those high temperatures are stuffy and uncomfortable anyway. Try to maintain a temperature in the low-to-mid 70s on most cold days, and you will end up saving around 20% off the heating bills. (And don’t keep the heater running all day when you’re not home; this isn’t a money saver, despite what you may have heard.)
  • Schedule regular maintenance: You should always arrange for annual maintenance for a heating syste, to help ward off emergency repairs and to prolong its service life. Maintenance will also save you money: for each year that a heating system misses its regular inspection and tune-up appointment, it will lose 5% or more of its efficiency. In only a couple of years, you could be paying 25% more than you should, perhaps more!

At Raleigh Heating & Air, we specialize in helping homeowners achieve superior energy efficiency. We don’t want you paying more for your heating than necessary. Call us today to schedule regular maintenance before the winter arrives so you will have the best possible heating in Raleigh, NC.

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