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Why a Geothermal System Works Great in Wake Forest

Have you heard of geothermal? If so, what have you heard exactly? You may be wondering whether this system is right for our climate considering the weather during the summer and winter, and perhaps also whether this type of system will live up to its hype. There is plenty of information out there, but there’s no substitution for speaking with a trained and experienced professional. We have several on our team and we can make sure that you get the answers you deserve. Let’s take a look at why a geothermal system makes for an excellent choice.

Geothermal: The Basics

In many respects, a geothermal system resembles an ordinary air-source heat pump. As the latter’s name suggests, a conventional heat pump uses the ambient air surrounding the outdoor unit to either dissipate thermal energy or to absorb it. A geothermal system is also known as a ground-source heat pump because it uses an underground loop of antifreeze or water to complete this same thermal transfer process. You’ll still use air ducts for heating and cooling distribution within the home, but the benefits of adopting this alternative approach are significant.

Geothermal Is a Great Investment

While geothermal systems tend to require a bit more upfront, they make a terrific long-term investment. They don’t break down as easily as other types of HVAC systems, they require less maintenance, and they last significantly longer. Moreover, they expend less electrical energy than central air units and conventional heat pumps because they don’t have to compete with the extreme fluctuations of temperature outdoors. The ground beneath our feet stays more or less the same year-round.

Thinking About It?

If you’re considering a geothermal system, you’ll want to make sure that your property is capable of maximizing its potential. There are not many contractors who install and service geothermal in the Wake Forest area, but we certainly do. Call Raleigh Heating & Air, Inc. today for geothermal service!

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