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Which Is the Better Furnace Choice: Natural Gas or Electric?

The earliest furnaces burned only one type of fuel: wood. Since those days, furnaces have evolved to use a variety of fuel sources, such as coal, oil, and propane. Today, most furnace owners will have one of two types: natural gas or electric. If you are in the market for the installation of a new furnace in Cary, NC, you have the choice between these two—so which one should you get?

Here are some of the pros and cons of the two. This will help you focus your decision, but you should still consult with professional installers before making a choice. Raleigh Heating & Air has experience with many types of furnaces, and we can help you pick the model that will give you the best comfort for many winters to come.

Electric furnaces

  • Pros: The largest appeal of electric furnaces is that they have few safety risks; there is no threat of gas leaks. They cost less to purchase and install than natural gas models, and require a short time to install. Electric furnaces operate quietly, and they tend to last longer than other furnaces because they have fewer moving parts—and that also means their maintenance needs are smaller. You can also install an electric furnace in any home that has electricity.
  • Cons: Electric furnaces may cost less to install upfront, but electricity is costlier than natural gas, so you will probably pay more for heating in the long run if you go with electricity. Electric furnaces also tend to heat less effectively than gas furnaces.

Gas furnaces

  • Pros: Natural gas is a far less expensive energy source than electricity, and you will save on your monthly energy bills. Although the unit will cost more upfront, you will make the money back in energy savings. Gas furnaces heat up homes much faster than electric units and can reach higher temperatures—making them far better for extreme colds.
  • Cons: Gas furnaces must have a gas line into your home to work. They cost more to install, and take more time to put in. Gas furnaces tend to have shorter lifespans than a comparable electric furnace. Although gas furnaces are built with safety in mind, they can still pose a hazard from carbon monoxide leaking; it’s important to maintain regular maintenance on them to catch any potential hazards.

So… which one should I get?

If it sounds as if these “pros” and “cons” balance each other out, then you will need to call in an HVAC expert to help you figure out which unit will work best for your home. Every house has individual heating requirement, and it will take a professional to figure which heater will do the job you need. Contact Raleigh Heating & Air and put your trust in our 20 years of experience to pick and install the ideal furnace in Cary, NC for you.

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