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What Makes a Heat Pump So Efficient?

Couple-ColdHere in North Carolina, the heat of the summer season far outweighs the cold of our winters. While mild winters are definitely something that a lot of us love about living here, it is important that you are not lulled into a false sense of security. Sure, you may not be using your home heating system to the same extent that you are your air conditioner. That being said, it is still vitally important that you keep your heater in great working condition.

It is also very important that you choose your home heating system wisely. Living in a relatively warm climate such as ours actually gives you a benefit when choosing your heating system. You see, our weather is perfectly suited to the use of a heat pump, which just so happens to be one of the most efficient home heating options out there. If you are interested in using a heat pump in your home, give the Durham, NC HVAC pros on our team a call.

What Does a Heat Pump Do Differently?

A heat pump is an all-electric heating system. That means that it is not going to combust gas or oil in order to generate heat. However, it also does not utilize electric resistance heating the way that an electric furnace does. Instead, the heat pump actually works just like a central air conditioner, in reverse.

In fact, it can work just like a central air conditioner, period! That’s right, one of the most efficient heating systems on the market today also happens to be an effective cooling system. During the summer, your heat pump is going to evaporate refrigerant in the evaporator coil, which is located indoors. That allows the refrigerant to draw heat out of the air in the house. Then, that refrigerant travels out to the outdoor condenser coil. As it is condensed, the refrigerant releases its heat.

The heat pump sets itself apart in its ability to reverse this method of operation, though. In the winter, the coils flip functions, and the refrigerant flows in the opposite direction.  Now, the heat pump evaporates refrigerant in the outdoor coil. It compresses this refrigerant to maximize its thermal energy, and then it sends that refrigerant indoors. Once inside, the refrigerant is condensed in the indoor coil. That allows it heat air for distribution throughout your home.

This method of heat transfer, rather than heat generation, allows the heat pump to heat homes in a very affordable manner. If you’re interested in living comfortably while keeping more cash in the bank, then a heat pump just may be right for you. Give us a call today to discuss your heat pump options. We excel in the installation and servicing of these incredibly efficient systems. Whether you need a new heat pump installed or you need your existing system repaired, we’re the pros to trust with the job.

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