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We’re Relocating to a New Office Building!

Our big news this month is that our company is relocating to a new office building. We’re not moving far. In fact, the new location is only two doors down from the current location. Our new address will be 2730 Rowland Rd., Raleigh, NC 27615.

But although the distance we’re moving is small, the relocation is a big deal and will allow us to provide even better service to all our customers. The new space is much larger and will allow for higher production and sheet metal fabrication. It’s rare in this region for an HVAC contractor to operate its own ductshop with a Viacom machine, and this relocation is an important step in ensuring that we offer the finest in customized sheet metal fabrication in Wake County and the surrounding areas.

The value of customized sheet metal fabrication

In-house sheet metal fabrication allows a contractor to best serve the ventilation needs of customers. Off-the-shelf parts for ventilation systems in homes allow for only adequate (at best) performance. In fact, most initial ductwork installation in homes is of very inferior quality that isn’t well matched to the house or its HVAC system.

However, our sheet metal specialists can design an entire ductwork system for you home that is ideally suited to its layout as well as your exact specifications. These customized ducts will let your HVAC system work at its most energy efficient with reduced chances of it developing air leaks in the future.

We also offer other sheet metal services, such as replacing old drain pans in HVAC systems that have developed corrosion, or fabricating new plenums for your furnace and air conditioner. When you go with in-house designs, you’ll receive the finest possible performance.

Raleigh Heating & Air, Inc. offers service to Knightdale, NC and throughout Wake County. We have the best people in the industry, and every coworker here is inspired to elevate your experience.

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