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Simple HVAC Efficiency Tips


It doesn’t matter if you are talking about heating your home during our relatively mild winter season, or if you have the hot, humid summers and your air conditioning system in mind; you don’t want to be paying more than you should have to in order to keep your home comfortable throughout the year. That is why our team has some efficiency tips to help you enjoy a more affordable — but no less comprehensive — comfort experience in your home.

Our Apex, NC HVAC experts are some of the finest in the industry, and we are happy to help ensure that you are able to keep your home comfortable all throughout the year with as little damage to your bank account as possible. And no, we are not just going to suggest that you invest in a brand new, more efficient HVAC system, either. Replacing low-efficiency models with new ones is definitely a good means to this end, but there are smaller steps that you can take which can also offer big benefits.

Seal Your Air Ducts

Do you use a forced air heating system, such as a heat pump or a furnace? Are you sick of high energy bills during those periods where you use your central air conditioner the most? Whatever the case, your air ducts may be to blame.

Hiring a professional to seal your ductwork just may prove to be incredibly beneficial for you. When your ducts are professionally sealed, you don’t have to worry about unwanted heat transfer occurring. Remember, heat is always going to try to balance temperature levels. If your system’s ducts pass through unconditioned areas of the home, and they are leaking, wasted energy is unavoidable.

Schedule a Blower Door Test

Sealing leaks in your ducts is not the only way that sealing leaks can benefit your bottom line. You could have leaks in your home’s envelope as well. In fact, you likely do. Some level of natural ventilation is important, of course. However, when it comes to air leaks, you can definitely wind up in bad territory.

A blower door test will depressurize your home and pull air from outside in, allowing us to spot weak points in your thermal envelope. With that information, we can go about resolving the problem to make your home itself more energy efficient. Think of your home as a system unto itself, and optimize its performance!

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Regardless of how efficient or inefficient your HVAC system, there is no denying that routine HVAC maintenance is going to help it to achieve its own peak efficiency levels. It won’t magically raise an efficiency rating, of course, but it will keep your system operating as efficiently as it can.

Of course, routine maintenance also helps to extend system life, and it helps to reduce the risk of repair needs, as well. All in all, there is nothing better that you can do for any HVAC system than schedule routine maintenance.

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