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Is It the Right Time to Replace My Air Conditioning System?

Conditioning_dreamstime Warm weather! At last we’re enjoying a thaw as spring springs into action. It’s time to start saying goodbye to your furnace or other heating system—at least until the fall—and greet your air conditioner for another cool summer season.

But is your air conditioner going to greet you back? It may be time to have a new AC installed. Is spring a good season to do this, or is it better to see how the summer goes before making a commitment to an air conditioning system replacement?

Before we answer the question about whether now is the best time for air conditioning replacement in Knightdale, NC, let’s look into whether your air conditioner needs to retire.

Is Your Current AC Ready to Be Replaced?

The principle way to tell if an AC is over the hill is to check its age against the manufacturer’s estimated lifespan. Most air conditioners can last 10–15 years. A unit that’s gotten over 15 years is due for a replacement, even if it seems to work well outwardly.

There are specific warning signs to watch for. If you noticed any of the following during the previous summer from your AC, you should think about retiring it:

  • Uneven cooling, with hot spots in rooms
  • Unusually noisy operation
  • Rising electrical bills you can’t account for
  • More than two repairs needed during the summer to keep the AC running

The best way to receive a definite answer about AC replacement is to schedule maintenance with our technicians. Air conditioning maintenance needs to be done each spring, so arrange for it as soon as you can. After we inspect the air conditioner, we’ll be able to give you an educated opinion on whether it’s time to put in a new system.

If So, Now Is the Ideal Time to Have It Done

And this brings us back to the original question: If your air conditioning system is at the point where replacing it is the best option, then right now—early spring—is the best time to have the work done.

  • It’s a matter of good timing. You want to have your air conditioner installed before the hot weather of summer hits and with sufficient space to have any possible problems worked out ahead of time. Spring is the season when homeowners usually have regular AC maintenance done, and that makes it the right time to have a full replacement done.
  • Scheduling the work is also simpler during the summer. We’re enjoying mild warm temperatures currently, which means there will be fewer heating or cooling repairs people need to arrange with us. Our calendars have more free spots for our technicians to handle the large job of installing air conditioners. When you schedule your air conditioning installation at this time of the year, you’ll have little problem finding a convenient appointment.

We’re the people to talk to in Wake County and the surrounding areas when you need air conditioning services of any kind. Get started with finding out if you require a new air conditioning system and call our offices—before summer gets any closer!

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