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Is It Time to Replace That Old Furnace?

Furnaces, if they receive the proper regular maintenance, can often last for 15 to 20 years. But no furnace can endure forever, and if you are concerned about your current furnace’s performance for the upcoming winter, now might be the best time to arrange for professionals to replace it.

Dropping Energy Efficiency

If your furnace has annual maintenance, it should keep about 95% of its energy efficiency for most of its life. When you notice heating bills rising and there is no outward explanation for it, it is usually a warning from the furnace that it is approaching the end of its lifespan. Stop paying more for heating than you should and have the fuel-wasting furnace replaced.

Mounting Repair Costs

How often have you had to call for repair technicians to get your furnace back to work during the last few years? If it adds up to more than twice per year, or $500 or greater annually, then you are paying too much to keep the furnace wheezing along. A replacement is more cost efficient.


You shouldn’t see corrosion and rust developing along your furnace. When it does appear, it means that the long exposure of exhaust gases to metal has taken a toll. It’s time to have a new system—especially since corrosion inside the furnace can lead to safety hazards from a cracked heat exchanger.

Converting to Natural Gas

If your old furnace uses propane, now is a great time to have a conversion to natural gas. Gas is both a more convenient energy source (piped right into your home) and a less expensive one. If there’s a gas line in your area that you can access, our team can help with making the conversion to natural gas and install the new furnace.

Raleigh Heating & Air, Inc. offers furnace installation and replacement in Cary, NC. We’ve served Wake County and the surrounding areas for 20 years.

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