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Install the AC System That’s Right for You

What’s the best air conditioning system for a home? Surely it’s a heat pump, with the ability to both cool and heat a home throughout the entire year. Or perhaps you’re ready to upgrade to a ductless mini split that’s hyper-efficient and able to perform similar functions to a heat pump? Well, what about a central air conditioner, there’s got to be a reason why homeowners still depend on those systems still, right?


If you’re head is spinning after reading that, you’re not alone. The truth is that there really isn’t a “best” cooling system, only the right air conditioner for your given comfort needs and budget. So, simply put, today we’re going to talk about what those options are and about which ones might be right for you. AC installation in Chapel Hill can be exciting when you really get to see the different ways we’ve perfected home cooling. Let’s dive in!

Choose the Right System for You

Whether you decide to go with a central air conditioner, a heat pump, or a ductless mini split, we’re on board. We’ll support you in choosing which system is right, so make sure you sign up with our team for proper installation services.

Central AC

We like to refer to these systems as the gold standard for air conditioner. Tried and true, these units are as sturdy as they come, providing sensible air conditioning for homes all across the country. Their technology is reliable, they’re efficient, and they’re some of the most affordable types of air conditioners on the market. If you’re shopping for an air conditioner that will cool your home no questions asked, then a central AC system might be perfect for you.

Heat Pump

Let’s say you’ve got ductwork in your home but you’re not exactly sold on the idea of a central air conditioner. What if you could utilize a system that was more efficient and that could run as a heater during the wintertime too? Well, look no further than a heat pump! These systems run similarly to a central air conditioner, by moving heat out of your home and cooling the air inside, except with one major difference. A heat pump can work in reverse as well, so you can have a wonderful heater during the winter when temperatures are mild to cold. They run on electricity too, so they’re efficient and sustainable.

Ductless Mini Splits

Imagine a heat pump but that doesn’t rely on air ducts. That’s what a ductless mini split is. It’s comprised of an outdoor cabinet and up to four air handlers that are attached to your walls inside your home. These air handlers disperse the cooler air directly from the refrigerant lines that circulate between them and the outdoor cabinet. Ductless mini splits are effective, highly efficient, and they’re a great choice with or without ductwork in your home. They can be customized to achieve different temperatures for different locations in your home, and they’re perfect for a customized air conditioning solution.

Do you feel a bit more comfortable with your AC options? Good! Give our team at Raleigh Heating & Air a call today to schedule your air conditioning installation.

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