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If You Like Saving Money, You’ll Love Geothermal Heating and Cooling

At Raleigh Heating & Air, Inc., we specialize in geothermal heat pumps for homes. Many homeowners are a bit hesitant about making the step to geothermal energy, and one of the reasons is they are unsure about whether such an installation will actually save them money. We’d like to answer some of the questions about this that potential geothermal customers ask.

Isn’t geothermal installation expensive?

There is no question that it costs more to install a geothermal heat pump than a covnetional air-source heat pump. However, the benefits will far outweigh this higher initial cost. And a geothermal heat pump is a long-term investment of the best kind. Where an air-source heat pump will last around 15 years, the loops of a geothermal heat pump can last over 50 years!

How much will a geothermal system save me?

We can’t, of course, quote you an exact number since every home is different. But we can use the U.S. Department of Energy for some general statistics. Geothermal heat pumps, even during the most extreme weather, work at high efficiencies of 300% to 600% compared to the 175% to 250% of air-source heat pumps. With this performance level, the DOE estimates that a geothermal heat pump will return all additional costs of installation within 5 to 10 years. Plus, many areas offer tax credits for geothermal installation.

But is geothermal really an effective option for summer weather?

Absolutely! Because people tend to connect geothermal with heat, they assume that a geothermal home comfort system cannot work as an air conditioner. But ground-source heat pumps are just as powerful at cooling a home as a standard air-source heat pump or AC. The system removes the heat from the home and deposits it in the ground, where the stable temperature makes the job easy.

Don’t forget the cold weather benefits!

Although right now you’re probably focused on keeping your house cooled down, when the winter weather arrives you will be extra thankful for a geothermal heat pump. Because the temperature in the earth remains stable no matter weather above ground, your geothermal heat pump will always have reliable supply of heat to keep your home warm.

Call Raleigh Heating & Air, Inc. in Apex, NC to find out more about geothermal heating and cooling. We have the best people in the industry and every coworker here is inspired to elevate your experience.

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