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How to Save Money on Air Conditioning This Summer

Our dew points are in the 70s and our daytime temps are hitting the 90s, making your air conditioner an official full-time worker for the summer. While you may be budgeted for summer utility bills, we have a few tips from our Raleigh Heating & Air experts on how to make your Cary, NC air conditioning a little less costly this summer, without compromising your indoor comfort:

Use or Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is great for saving energy because it allows you to program for periods when your home may be unoccupied. Depending on the type of model you have installed, you may be able to program settings for every day of the week. While many believe that keeping your home at a single, constant temperature is best, the fact is that raising your temperature during the day and programming for the AC to lower the temperature a half-hour before your arrival home is far more energy efficient than leaving the AC to run at a steady temperature consistently. You also won’t be compromising comfort, particularly if you program the air conditioner to turn on before you arrive home.

Clean the Air Filter

The air filter your air conditioner came with should be replaced every 1-3 months, depending on how heavy the usage is. (During summer, we recommend replacing it every month.) These air filters are in place to capture dirt and dust that can enter your system; as they do their job, they will become clogged. A clogged air filter will put a restriction on the air flow in your air conditioning system, which can lead to other more serious problems such as icing, lack of cool air, and potential breakdowns. Taking the time to clean or replace your air filter on a regular basis can mean the difference between needing a repair or not.

Make Sure Your Outdoor Unit Is Free from Debris

Your outdoor unit houses the condenser and compressor. The metal cabinet in which these components reside is made to be quite durable, but when yard debris like grass clippings, leaves, twigs, and branches get into the cabinet or crowd the outside, you run the risk of experiencing a problem. Do your air conditioner a favor by making sure the area immediately around the outdoor unit is free of debris that can cause breakage or clogging of your system.

Looking to Control This Summer’s Energy Costs? Talk to an Expert

There are multiple ways to help make your air conditioning in Cary, NC more energy-efficient and cost-effective this summer. Call Raleigh Heating & Air and schedule an appointment with us today.

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