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How Long Does It Take to Install a Geothermal System?

The benefits of using a geothermal heat pump are immense: it provides reliable heating and cooling no matter the temperature outside, works at superior energy-efficiency compared to other types of heaters and air conditioners, and has an immense lifespan that allows a homeowner to receive the maximum savings from the investment.

But geothermal systems still intimidate some customers because of the extent of the work involved to install the ground loops. Depending on the layout necessary for the ground loops to work, they can be buried anywhere from 6 feet to 400 feet deep. This sounds like it takes an immense amount of time and effort to complete.

You may be surprised, however. There’s no question that installing a geothermal system requires work, but that’s why you bring in Cary, NC geothermal experts like those at Raleigh Heating & Air to handle it. And the job goes much faster than you probably expect.

So how long does this really take?

There is no definitive answer on the length of time necessary to set up a geothermal heat pump for a home. The time lengthens or shortens depending on conditions: how many loops are needed, the hardness of the soil, the loop configuration that will fit the available space, and the depth the loops must be placed.

The longest stage of geothermal installation is actually planning, which might take two weeks as technicians survey the home and property, size the unit, and figure out the right design. All of this is done to make the drilling and digging work take less time.

The usual amount of time needed to install a horizontal loop configuration, which requires shallow trenches, is a mere one or two days. A vertical loop configuration is more at the mercy of ground conditions, but most will take two days, possibly three.

As you can see, geothermal installation will not wreck much havoc on your daily life—provided that you hire experienced professionals who can do the job quickly. You need a team that can handle the proper planning so they can carry out the trench digging and drilling in the briefest time possible. Look to specialists in geothermal systems for the installation work necessary to make sure you enjoy the numerous benefits of a ground-source heat pump.

Raleigh Heating & Air has been in business for more than 20 years, and we specialize in providing geothermal in Cary, NC and all of Wake County and the surrounding areas. Call us today to set up an appointment to look into the possibilities of geothermal heating and cooling for your home.

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