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Here Are 4 Reasons to Replace Your AC This Spring

Spring is the season when you should have any necessary work done on your air conditioning system. You do not want to enter into the hottest time of the year without an AC that’s ready to beat back the heat, after all.

But there will be times when taking care of your AC will require more than scheduling routine maintenance or having targeted repairs done. You may need to have the entire system replaced with a new one. Below are four reasons that you might wish to have an air conditioning replacement before the summer hits.

  • The AC is extremely old: The average system life for an air conditioner is 10 to 15 years, so once your AC is at the edge of that, it’s wise to start thinking about a replacement. An ancient air conditioner is at a much higher chance of suffering a catastrophic breakdown or a plunge in energy efficiency.
  • You need to repair the system too often: An air conditioner in good shape, with maintenance done each spring, shouldn’t need to have repairs during the year at all. When your AC is having repairs regularly (more than twice a year) or you find that you’re spending more than $500 a year on repairs to keep it running, then it’s time to have it replaced.
  • It has become expensive to run: With proper maintenance, an air conditioner will retain 95% of its efficiency for most of its service life. So when you discover that you’re paying far more to run it than you used to, it’s probably because it is coming to the end of its lifecycle.
  • You want to take advantage of new technology: Sometimes replacing an air conditioner that’s otherwise working just fine is a good idea if there is a better model with more features and extremely high energy efficiency available. Talk to a professional about the benefits of going with a newer, high efficiency model.

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