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Heating Noises You Should Be Wary of

noise Heaters aren’t supposed to be noisy—full stop. If heaters normally functioned noisily, then it would be a lot harder to sell them to customers, right? While never silent, a proper furnace or heat pump should run quietly, since the process of creating or moving heat into your home shouldn’t necessarily involve anything noisy. Even an aging system that’s reaching the end of its lifespan should by no means keep you up at night with noises.

Instead of trying to deal with these noises yourself, we’re going to give you a bit of information as to what these noises could pertain to and how worried you should be. Regardless of whether or not you need heating repairs in Raleigh, NC, our team is available to give you the insight and advice you need. Take a look at these furnace noises below and let us know if you think you could use our help!

The Sounds of an Ailing Heater

If you take anything away from this post, it’s that none of these noises should be ignored or taken for granted. These are signals that there is a problem with your heater that must be addressed.

Banging or Booming

A booming furnace could be suffering from what we call delayed ignition. This means the gas that powers your furnace is coming out too slowly and it’s not igniting right away, pooling up and eventually igniting in a small explosion. This is particularly dangerous because this small explosion could eventually crack your heat exchanger and cause carbon monoxide or flammable gas to leak into your home. Let us deal with your booming furnace today.


If you’d be hearing rattling coming from a kid’s toy or a bag of candy, it’d be obvious not to worry about it. However, rattling in something that’s not supposed to be rattling is cause for alarm. Rattling indicates that something is loose inside your system, which isn’t necessarily terrible initially, but this can compound very quickly into something more serious like an entire system breakdown. Whether it’s a screw loose or a crack in your heat exchanger, get it fixed today.


Screeching noises that are coming from your furnace are similar to the kinds of noises your car might make. Screeching can be the product of a broken belt that needs to be repaired. Sure, it’s not that big of a deal compared to a rattling or booming noise that could turn into a safety hazard, but it’s still a big deal in regards to the effectiveness and efficiency of your system. If you’d like your system to function properly, get this belt replaced and have your heater repaired.

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While these aren’t the only three noises that your furnace can make, they’re some of the most common and difficult to deal with. As we’ve stated many times, these problems can compound and become safety hazards over time, not to mention a huge drain on your finances. Stop dealing with a furnace that’s riddled with problems and give our team a call today.

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